HBR: Sales Data Only Matters If It Helps You Take Action

Why today’s sales leaders must use data to drive performance

A recent article in Harvard Business Review highlights the importance of why today’s sales leaders must use data to drive performance for their teams and make better decisions.

More specifically, there are three things that must come together:

  1. Technology
  2. Data
  3. Analytics

And relating this to sales forecasting and sales analytics, this article validates our position that enterprises must move away from spreadsheets, figure out ways to utilize their historical data from CRM systems, and dramatically improve their in-house analytical capabilities.

Here’s a few things mentioned in the article that we automate in Aviso Insights:

  • Using profile characteristics (accounts, opportunities, etc) to predict which deals sales managers and sales reps should focus on
  • Performing advanced analytics to reveal unwanted side effects, identify early warning signs, and prioritize deals that matter most for the quarter
  • Utilizing sales performance metrics and cohort analysis to understand patterns, behaviors, and coach sales teams to actions that lead to the best results

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