IDC and IIA Big Data 2014 Predictions

Predictions for Big Data from IDC

Forbes contributor, Gil Press, summarized new predictions for Big Data from IDC and The International Institute of Analytics (IIA).  While the $16B market potential is a staggering figure, I found this table most interesting as it applies to enterprises.
IDC copy

As we’ve recently launched our first product, Aviso Insights, our aim to help enterprises make many of these predictions come true in our SaaS application, specifically:

  • Shift Focus to Analytics Teams:  We want to empower every sales manager and sales reps with powerful analytical capabilities to make better decisions and insights that enable them to exceed quarterly sales targets.
  • Analytics Drive Process Improvement:  We want to help our customers automate their entire end-to-end sales forecasting processes, which are mostly manual today, and involve a high-degree of rollups using spreadsheets.
  • Adoption of Analytics as a Service:  Aviso Insights is delivered 100% as a service, and our end users get insights delivered to them via our application versus alternatives methods of building custom models, using a BI tool, and spreadsheets.

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