ZDNet: What to Trust — Data Science or the Boss’s Sixth Sense?

Replacing gut-instincts with data-driven solutions

While Big Data and Data Science may be the new big buzz words around the water cooler, for most enterprises — unless you are a pharma, Wall Street investment bank, or the government, you are likely not going to find the right Ph.D. or data scientist to do what you need with the mounds of data starring in front of you. And furthermore, you will have to get over the very fact that corporate executives would rather use gut-instinct than data-driven insights to make decisions.

Aviso is hoping to give enterprises the best of both worlds. We deploy our data science techniques within our cloud application — Aviso Insights — so that an enterprise, say in the middle of United States doesn’t have to find a data scientist to hire. In addition, to help executives who feel they must rely on gut-feel, instead of replacing their emotion or intuition, we augment it with data-driven possibilities and insights that they can use to guide their decisions.

Our customer RingCentral is a great example of this.

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