Growing Pains? Try Aviso!

Remember those nights as a kid when pesky growing pains kept you up? Your parents told you they would pass, yet this assurance did little to assuage the discomfort. Motrin and tylenol were the most suitable remedies, but their pain-reducing properties subsided with time. What you really craved, and lacked, was a direct and lasting solution.

Now you find yourself in similar shoes, overseeing an expanding sales team experiencing its own growing pains. You want to tell yourself the business is healthy, and surely it must be; you’re acquiring a wider base of clientele and onboarding new salespeople. It is no secret however that such expansion clutters communication channels and makes it harder to manage reps. You’ve tried to throw a variety of solutions at the problem, but nothing is working.

This time around Aviso has your back, providing that direct solution you’ve coveted. During phases of rapid growth sales-team leaders face two major obstacles: 1, building accurate forecasts, and 2, increased difficulty in viewing the entire pipeline. Aviso targets both of these obstacles head-on by using machine learning and CRM integration. As such we deliver data-driven forecasts while providing a more centralized way to track and manage opportunities.

Aviso is the prescription your company needs to maintain healthy growth. However the parallels between Aviso and medicine are lacking in one regard: scalability. Medication does not scale particularly well. As one’s ailments increase in severity a doctor will likely be forced to prescribe alternate, more potent drugs. However, as your company’s complexity grows, Aviso will remain the most effective solution. In fact our solution becomes leaner as organizational complexity increases, making it exceptionally scalable. On our recent Sales Hacker webinar, David Hong (VP Sales Operations at Lookout), testified to exactly this. Once Lookout began utilizing Aviso it allowed Mr. Hong to analyze his pipeline in seconds as opposed to hours. Now – as he watched his team grow – he postulates that the amount of additional time he would have needed to view the pipeline via traditional methods would have been exponential. With Aviso this time increase has been negligible. With Aviso our platform’s scalability will be the last of your concerns, allowing you to focus exclusively on the healthy expansion of your team – and its exciting times ahead.

(Oh, and not to mention there have been no reported side effects in clinical studies!)

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