Why Public Companies Are Choosing Aviso

Two weeks ago, Talend opened for the first time as a public company and the Aviso team rejoiced. Not only did we relish the opportunity to celebrate a valued customer’s milestone, but we were also ecstatic to expand our network of public customers. Right now we’re really on a hot streak — Talend is joining an impressive list of clients including Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, Marketo, Splunk, Hubspot, RingCentral, Pandora, and others who both forecast intelligently with Aviso and trade on the open market.

We’re at a point where this trend can no longer be dismissed as coincidence — high-growth companies are undoubtedly attracted to Aviso. But what exactly is it that draws them to our predictive forecasting platform? Is it the need for a data-driven forecasting tool, a tool that uses data science to predict forecasts automatically and instantaneously? Maybe it’s the ability to drill down into the pipe via multiple avenues, providing unprecedented pipeline visibility. Could it be our ability to eliminate spreadsheets in the forecasting process? Oh, it must be the exceptional and unlimited scalability!

Though each point is valid, it’s more likely that unicorns need a solution to tackle all facets of the forecasting process, with Aviso being the only platform that answers the call. Each aspect of the Aviso solution is needed for sales teams to course correct as the quarter progresses, and effective course correction is a must for any firm who wishes to reach the top. So, with this fact clear as day we’re no longer asking why public companies are choosing Aviso — we’re asking who’s next.

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