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Our Story

Founded in 2012 by K. V. Rao and Andrew Abrahams, we are the first company to bring advanced portfolio management principles to business executives making critical revenue decisions. Almost twenty years ago, K. V. and Andrew met at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) to use the world’s most powerful supercomputer for advanced quantitative analyses. Today they joined forces with the goal of helping every enterprise Own Their Quarter.

Why Aviso?

Why Aviso?

K. V. Rao, co-founder and
Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew and I founded Aviso based on a shared realization that people make better decisions when they properly account for risk; and with our unique and complementary backgrounds, we could and should develop a set of tools that account for risk and help people make better decisions.

We came to this realization by connecting the dots from our respective past experiences. In previous corporate roles in sales and marketing, I found myself struggling with spreadsheets to help make critical decisions around prioritization/resource allocation, and became highly motivated to find better tools to help make these decisions. I started my career in aerospace engineering, where I learned to develop and use analysis and simulation tools to design high performance aircrafts that resist failure. So as I made the switch to marketing and business development, it was initially puzzling that executives in enterprises did not have access to equivalent analytical tools to help make decisions, which account for risk properly. Brainstorming with Andrew helped to connect the dots and develop the shared vision for Aviso.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Andrew Abrahams,
co-founder and CTO of Aviso

K. V. and I set out to give business leaders the technology they needed for making decisions in an uncertain world and for driving behavior that supports a centralized high-level goal. My personal experience in developing mathematical models for valuation and risk management of portfolios of complex financial instruments fed my passion for the creation of Aviso. It can be dangerous to reason by analogy, but if one first identifies common goals and issues, then formulates a conceptual framework and finally selects mathematical and computational tools, this can be a powerful approach. Of course using financial products and making practical corporate decisions are very different but they share the necessity to meld historical experience and market signals properly, and to understand, and diversify and offset risks where possible.

We are excited by the vision of empowering corporations to use their data in a powerful and objective fashion and providing a firmer economic foundation to their day-to-day decisions and, hence, gaining greater control over their financial measures and results both short and long-term.


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