3 P’s of Sales Forecasting

For any business at any stage of revenues, sales and processes can always be improved. Implementation of successful sales forecast management methods can make a huge difference for every sales organization. Accelerate deals, optimize sales cycles, and Own Your Quarter by focusing on three key P’s: Prediction, Pipeline, and Productivity.

  1. Predictive Insights

    A new approach to sales forecasting involves the use of predictive analytics that automatically compute probabilities across deals, reps and other data. When combined with machine learning and data science, the application of predictive algorithms provide a new level of sales intelligence for sales managers and sales reps to gain more confidence in their sales forecast and to make better decisions that lead to revenue growth.

  2. Pipeline Analytics

    Sales pipeline analytics is a critical part of sales forecasting providing rich analytics and insights into a company’s entire portfolio of deals, which may vary by region, product line or sales team. Using tools that apply advanced data science methods, sales managers can direct their reps to the deals that need the most attention, drill-down into deals with the most risk, and evaluate swing deals that may help their team exceed sales targets.

  3. Productivity Metrics

    Every sales forecasting process needs metrics and KPIs that help sales managers and their sales teams get better, and improve individual and team performance. For example, sales metrics such as pipeline coverage, stage conversion, win rates, cohort analysis, and forecast performance allow for sales managers to evaluate what is working and not working.

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