3 Reasons Why Sales Forecasters Should Shred Their Spreadsheets

We’ve never heard a sales manager say they love Excel. Tracking changes in a spreadsheet is almost impossible. Consolidating forecasts from different sales teams, regions, or even single contributors is even harder. But most importantly, spreadsheets can only be used to capture and analyze information that has happened in the past. Why then, are spreadsheets being used for forecasting future outcomes?

Here are 3 reasons why shredding spreadsheets is mandatory for any sales leader:

  1. Spreadsheets Do Not Scale

    Sales leaders are hired to manage teams, forecast sales and exceed quotas and targets with their acquired knowledge and experience. As a company grows, sales reps are added, team hierarchies change, and product lines are updated. Unfortunately, for most sales managers, this results in spending more time adding columns and rows to outdated spreadsheets than doing what they were hired to do.

    Spreadsheets can’t grow with a company. It’s a fact. Shred your spreadsheets, and use a system like Aviso that lets you roll-up forecasts automatically, track changes, capture adjustments and allow Sales leaders to view the numbers at any granularity they choose. As your company grows, Aviso handles all the changes seamlessly, letting you scale effortlessly.

  2. Spreadsheets Cannot Predict Outcomes

    Can your spreadsheet predict a daily forecast number based on the closing probability of all deals in the pipeline? The number of deals, sales reps, and the amount of constant changes in a deal structure make it impossible for any human or spreadsheet to accurately predict a quarterly forecast. Can your spreadsheet look at historical deal data to answer questions like: “Have I closed a deal like this before?” or “How likely is this opportunity to close this quarter?”

    Of course spreadsheets cannot answer any of those questions. At the same time, the world’s leading organizations are beginning to require their sales and sales ops organizations to provide data-driven forecasts, and want answers to those very questions. These organizations are looking to data science to provide them with predictive forecasts. Aviso is the first solution to offer predictive sales forecasting, based on powerful machine learning algorithms and portfolio management techniques from Wall Street adapted for sales organizations.

  3. Spreadsheets Are Biased

    The numbers in a spreadsheet are inherently biased because they are based on the intuition and gut-feel of the sales reps. Forecasts for teams and regions and global organizations are calculated based on these gut-feel numbers. It should come as no surprise that Sales executives have zero confidence in their beginning-of-period forecasts. Or, mid-quarter, when the same sales exec needs to make resource and effort allocation decisions, she falls back on her gut-feel, squeaky-wheel and finger-in-the-wind toolset.

Shred your spreadsheets, because they simply cannot scale, predict outcomes, and deliver unbiased forecasts.

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