3 Tips to Exceed Your Sales Target

Exceeding sales targets is hard. Sales Reps and Managers alike, are perpetually racing against time to win deals and make President’s Club. With few tools at their disposal, other than sales war-rooms and yellow-stickies, more often than not they must rely on their gut instincts and the “finger in the wind” technique to meet their targets.

Here are 3 tips that can help you exceed your target:

  1. Get a Data-Driven Day 1 Forecast

    Don’t waste any more time using ‘gut instincts’ to forecast – use data to Own Your Quarter and align your teams to exceed targets and goals. Get an accurate and predictable day-1 forecast across your teams and regions using data science. Get early warnings of bookings slippage, and use data-driven insights to prescribe corrective actions early.

  2. Mine Historical Data for Deal Knowledge

    Current sales forecasting tactics disregard historical data and knowledge. For truly accurate forecasting, managers should be able to look across similar historical deals and understand at what point changes occurred in any given deal’s life cycle, and why. Understanding these historical trends is crucial to knowing how current deals will perform, and enables managers to take action.

  3. Perform Gap Analysis to Prioritize Deals

    Drill-down into forecasts by geographic regions, product lines, or sales groups to enable informed, smart resource allocations. Run what-if scenarios to evaluate upside potential and risk, to help you exceed your quarterly target.

Own Your Quarter!

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