5 Reasons Why Companies Miss Sales Forecasts

  1. Biased Sales Predictions

    Problem: Today, projecting sales is highly dependant on subjective input of each different sales rep based on their ‘gut feel’ for their deals. And then, on top of the sales reps projections, varying layers of sales managers add their own input to the forecast.

    Solution: Companies need a way to augment forecasts provided by their sales leaders and sales reps using data-driven methods that compute predictions based on historical data.

  2. Incomplete Picture of Risk

    Problem: Sales forecasts do little to account for risk, and typically before it is too late, deals have gone awry or precious resources have been assigned to the wrong deal. For companies looking at 100’s to 1000’s of deals in a quarter, it’s impossible to get an accurate picture of risk beyond what the sales rep is telling you.

    Solution: Companies need to apply data science to their portfolio of deals, and to evaluate risk at not just the individual deal level, but at aggregate team, product or divisional level.

  3. Missing Early Warning Signs

    Problem: Every deal has its own unique sales cycle. With so many changing factors, how do you get early warnings about deals moving in the wrong direction — and specifically, their impact to the quarterly forecast?

    Solution: Companies need a system that captures the real-time changes in CRM and ERP data, and matches deal profiles with historical patterns to generate immediate alerts to sales managers and sales reps.

  4. Allocating Resources to the Wrong Deals

    Problem: We’ve all seen the scenario of deals that get prioritized on emotion, suck up precious resources, and then never close. With so many deals in play for a quarter, how does one know which deals to prioritize and allocate resources to?

    Solution: Companies need a system that uses data science to automatically prioritize deals for an individual sales rep, sales team, region or product line, and takes into account probability of close, deal velocity and size, sales rep behavior, and market signals.

  5. Using the Wrong Sales Metrics

    Problem: Sales managers are faced with an overload of reports and
    dashboards that don’t help them hit their targets. With so much data,
    pulling data into spreadsheets or a BI solution is not the right answer.

    Solution: Companies need a purpose-built system that captures all historical sales data and provides the right metrics such as sales rep performance, pipeline coverage, win rates, pipeline trends, and forecast accuracy to optimize sales team performance.

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