5 Tips for the Weekly Sales Forecast Call

It’s no secret among sales VPs, managers and their reps that the weekly sales call is the most time-consuming part of the week. Before the call, every sales reps and manager must update all of their opportunities in CRM and put their best guesses forward for a commit, best case and upside forecast. Then, during the call, they must be prepared to answer questions such as: What’s changed, why did this deal slip, why did we lose, and how can we pull this deal forward?

Here are 5 tips to make your sales forecast call more productive:

  1. Start With A Data-Driven Forecast

    Instead of relying completely on intuition and your team’s best guesstimates, start with a data-driven forecast to augment the rep-driven forecast. Make sure the data-driven forecast can be calculated for every level of your sales hierarchy.

  2. Drill Down Into Weekly Forecast Changes

    Track and monitor weekly forecast changes and drill down into deals that have been upgraded, downgraded or have moved out of the forecast. Use this to prioritize and prompt discussion on key deals for the week.

  3. Discuss Critical And Flagged Deals

    Take action to deals that have been flagged as at-risk and or are big deals that are critical for the quarter. Utilize a heat map to organize deals that your reps and teams must focus on for the quarter.

  4. Allocate Resources To The Right Deals

    Make decisions on resources that should be applied to deals based on deals that have the highest likelihood to impact the week or quarter. Use what-if scenarios to evaluate swing deals that may be critical to focus on.

  5. Provide Sales Coaching

    Use data-driven insights to coach your sales reps to improve performance. Leverage techniques such as cohort analysis, win rate analysis and forecast analysis to help your sales reps make the right adjustments to drive better results with more confidence.

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