Gain Real-Time Visibility into Sales Team Performance
Take advantage of advanced reporting and insights and gain 360-degree visibility into sales performance and pipeline health, so that you never have to pull another quickly out of date report from CRM again.
360 Degree Sales Visibility

Is the sales team moving deals through the pipeline and closing deals at the pace needed to hit quota? Take advantage of trend lines that tell you immediately whether your team is on track to hit goals.

AI-Powered Forecast

Has your forecast gone up or down? Know instantly which deals are affecting your forecast positively and negatively and what changed between any two points in time.

Pipeline Value Predictions

Dispel the mythical 3x pipeline coverage rule. See your pipeline broken down by quality and velocity, and know the exact amount of pipeline you need to hit future targets.

Automated Rollup

View judgment applied across the hierarchy, as well as other key rollup data, and compare your team’s forecast with the highly accurate Aviso AI-driven forecast. We easily handle your complex hierarchies and integrate with your CRM system for always-up-to-date data.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain total visibility into deal performance. Track the most important deals through the pipeline and quickly see changes to deal amount, forecast category, or sales stage. Alert your team when deals are off track with AI-driven early warning signals into risk factors.

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