AI Accuracy Matters

By Michael Lock

The best AI solutions for sales start with incredible accuracy

There’s an incredible amount of excitement in the IT industry when it comes to AI. Consumer technology is chock full of AI success stories like Google, Amazon, Uber, Netflix and Apple. B2B Technology is also filled with exciting new innovations like Tensorflow, Sagemaker and flashy names like Watson, Einstein and Leonardo. But outside of a few select examples B2B success stories are fewer and adoption of AI by end users has been elusive at best.

At Aviso we’ve been building, selling and implementing our AI for Sales application for over five years now. In those five years we’ve learned a lot about AI technology, but we’ve also learned lessons in how to implement and get end users to actively use AI technology. Lesson number one should be no surprise: Accuracy matters!

Let’s be honest, B2B executives and end users have never been an easy group to win over. While vendors and IT have always been excited about the promise of technology, end users want to see proof and demonstrable business benefits for them before they invest time and effort in a new tool. With AI, we ask our end users to trust the predictions and insights that come from the AI with little hard proof of their accuracy. Although there’s also been an incredible amount of marketing, speeches and promising when it comes to AI , there has been precious little talk about accuracy.

Aviso is on a mission to change that. In the fall of this year, we promised our customers at least a 90% level of accuracy with our WinScores and we invited prospects to trial our software for free to demonstrate this accuracy claim. Today at Aviso we are taking another step forward by publishing the results of our predictions for the most recent quarter. In Q3 our WinScores had an average accuracy rate of 92% and our aggregate AI Day 1 forecasts were 91% accurate across our entire customer base.

We back test and provide our customers with full visibility into the accuracy of our predictions and today we are taking the next step by publishing our numbers on a quarterly basis. We’re proud of our industry-leading accuracy and we look forward to continuing to provide tremendous value to our customers. Read our press release here.

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