Fall ‘17 Release Applies AI to Pipeline Management and Closing Deals

By Heather Ryan

We’re super excited to tell you about Aviso’s Fall ‘17 Release. 

Not only did we augment our industry leading forecasting functionality, but we introduced two new modules to the platform. 

As the category-defining leader in forecasting, we decided to apply our leading technology and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to reimagining two sales processes that have been hindered by antiquated sales tools. Our new pipeline analytics and deal review modules are designed to drive revenue by applying AI to two of the sales processes most closely connected to driving revenue.

As we excelled at helping high tech B2B companies deliver accurate forecasts, it became clear that correctly predicting when deals were going to close and for what amount, impacted downstream sales activities. In fact, when done correctly, accurate forecasting drives pipeline management and closing deals.

Three Critical Processes, One Platform

With the release of our latest product innovations, Aviso Sales Vision now aligns sales forecasting, pipeline management, and deal reviews on a single, collaborative tool. With all three processes on one platform, sales teams now have unprecedented, 360-degree visibility across the entire sales lifecycle.

Our Fall ‘17 Release includes new innovations in four primary areas.

Watch our video for a full release overview.

In this blog post, I’ll cover our two biggest announcements: new functionality that drives laser focused pipeline review and enables zero-prep deal reviews!

Laser Focused Pipeline Reviews

The problem: The Inefficient “Tops-Down” Review Method
Most sales teams in B2B tech organizations currently conduct pipeline reviews in either a spreadsheet or using a CRM report. Deals are sorted by forecast category and sub-sorted by deal size. On a weekly basis the frontline sales manager sits down with a rep, and they start at the top of the list and work their way to the bottom. When managers and reps plod their way down through the biggest deals in “commit” and “best case,” they rarely make it to the bottom of the list. Instead, they spend the majority of time looking at the biggest deals and those near the end of the sales cycle.  While those deals do need attention, deals in the early stages and in the middle of the funnel can often by overlooked and stall. Another problem with this process is that managers can’t see what’s changed and week-to-week progress isn’t immediately visible.

We talked to our customers. Heard what they needed and set out to reimagine these processes.

The Solution: Aviso Pipeline Change Insights

Our new functionality introduces a smarter, more productive way to look at your pipeline. Aviso’s secret sauce lies in it’s special smart filtering, which makes following deals through the pipeline simple and intuitive. With Pipeline Analytics, reps and managers become laser focused on the set of deals that need attention that week.

Pipeline Change Insights functionality will enable the following best practice workflow:
1) Up: Review deals that were pulled in or upgraded in stage or category
2) Down: Review downgraded deals, including ones that have been pushed outside the quarter or lost
3) No Change: Review deals with no change and may need a nudge from you to move through the pipeline
4) Net New: Review new deals that just entered the pipeline

Zero-Prep Deal Reviews

The problem: Reps dread deal reviews.
Reps hate doing reviews because the process is painful. They’re usually required to prepare PowerPoint slides. They’re forced to re-enter CRM data into those slides and combine that with other data sources to get a complete picture of the deals. Way too much precious selling time is spent preparing for these weekly meetings.

The solution: Zero-Prep Deal Reviews.
Aviso puts real-time data at reps’ fingertips and eliminates the need for data prep. The new Deal Review Module uniquely presents all deal-relevant data in one collaborative tool, and combines it with deal-closing insights, making deal reviews smarter and more actionable. Reps and managers leverage CRM data, full history of the deal lifecycle, org charts, email and calendar activity, among other data. With full deal context, and warnings based on historical performance, reps stay on track and close more deals.

To see our newest pipeline and deal review functionality in-action, find us at Dreamforce. We’ll be at booth #1813. You can book a meeting with our team, or request an invite to our pre-Dreamfest Happy Hour. We’ll be pre-gaming right across the street from the big event!


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