Aviso is Growing! Job Openings, New Customers and Product Enhancements

By Michael Lock

The past several months have been an exciting whirlwind at Aviso. We hosted Ascent, our first-ever conference, successfully rolled out a new user interface, and introduced five major new product capabilities. We welcomed several customers to the Aviso family — and to support our momentum, we’re hiring! Check out our open positions.

Product Innovation

On June 13, at our Ascent conference, we unveiled our revamped AI-based forecasting and sales visibility platform, Aviso Sales Vision. At the event, customers and prospects previewed five major new product enhancements, including:

  • The Aviso Dashboard: Use our new dashboard to instantly see what changed in your forecast and why. View AI-driven pacing and sales attainment metrics, and use our data to prepare for your weekly forecasting call.
  • 5 New Reports: We introduced new, out of-the-box reports to complement our existing offerings. View your most important sales performance metrics in real time (and stop bothering your friends in Sales Ops for this info).
  • AI-Driven Insights to Assist Reps in Closing Deals: Arm your managers and reps with AI-driven warning indicators that let them know when deals are at-risk. We’ll alert you when a deal has been stuck in a stage too long, so that you can take action to drive important deals forward.
  • Predictions into Future Pipeline Value: Use AI-driven guidance to pinpoint how much of your pipeline will close next quarter. We offer the only tool on the market that tells you if you’re creating new pipe fast enough to meet future goals.
  • Mobile Capability: Update your forecast, and view important sales data and AI-driven guidance while in the field with AvisoGo, available for iPhone and Android.

Additionally, we announced our Global Partner Network with founding partners Xactly, ClearSlide, Looker, Estuate, and Slalom.

The result of launching Aviso Sales Vision: Our full customer base is now up and running on the new UI, our new capabilities helped drive a series of customer renewals, AND we added new customers! We’ve also significantly grown our prospect pipeline.

What’s Coming – Roadmap

We’ve moving fast on plans to expand our product footprint and handle an even greater set of critical sales processes for our customers.

  • Customers: If you haven’t heard about the exciting product roadmap, please reach out to your Customer Success champion to learn more.
  • Prospects: Our sales team is ready to fill you in on where we’re headed and how we can help you accelerate deals with AI: sales@aviso.com.
  • Partners: Please reach out to simon.church@aviso.com to learn more about our open API, and how you can share your data with the Aviso Sales Vision platform.

We’re Hiring!

We’re making significant investments in expanding headcount. Our Hyderabad team is strong and growing. Our US-based team has grown by over 20% in the past few months, and we’re adding new positions in every area of our business. If you have a passion of AI and for sales, we want to hear from you.

Please see our open job listings, and feel free to reach out to me personally at michael@aviso.com with questions.

Our mission is to help our customers accelerate sales growth with Artificial Intelligence. We’ve had a stellar eight months, and we’re just getting started.

See how Aviso can help you.