Close more deals with Artificial Intelligence

By Michael Lock

If you’re in sales you’ve probably asked yourself one or all of these questions at some time during your career….Will this deal close? Will it push to next Quarter? Will our competitor win the deal? Will the prospect just make no decision at all? Which deals should receive the lions’ share of resources and focus?

These questions have vexed me and kept me awake at night for my entire sales career.  And as businesses I managed became larger and more complex, I found that gut feel and intuition were much less reliable at helping me make the best decisions to ensure successful outcomes.

Google, Amazon, and every other leading consumer company leverage AI to revolutionize their businesses and gain a competitive advantage. The application of AI to B2B business models is starting to emerge, but most are concentrated on outside sales and top of funnel processes. Will the day ever come when sales teams can use AI to solve the challenges that are most important to them?

We believe that day has finally come. Aviso has been using AI to help customers solve complex forecasting challenges for over half a decade. Today, we take another big leap forward with the announcement of our new AI-Powered Opportunity Management solution. This innovative new solution consists of three incredible new capabilities including:

The Aviso WinScore is the statistical probability of that deal closing within the quarter. We use computer models to predict whether it will rain, who will win an election or who will win this weekend’s football games, shouldn’t we use AI to predict whether a deal will close? Aviso WinScores allow you to do just that, along with being at least 90% accurate. Our WinScores are so much more than simple, limited Opportunity Scores available from CRM and other sales tech vendors.

Aviso Opportunity Insights are extracted from millions of data points and eliminate guesswork and human subjectivity by surfacing the most important opportunity details. We compare your current opportunities to those that you’ve closed in the past and our algorithms tell you whether those deals are tracking to close. You can also leverage these Insights to make critical course corrections throughout the Quarter.

Aviso Opportunity Maps are designed to provide fast context and focus for sales managers as well as help them stop relying on spreadsheets to manage their portfolio of opportunities. Opportunity Maps allow sales management to view their deals in four ‘easy to understand’ quadrants, giving them the ability to make AI-assisted judgments on where to focus.

Aviso is also announcing an exciting enhancement to our aggregate forecast AI models. We’ve always provided AI-based daily forecasts that can be compared to traditional rollup forecasts and now we’ve upgraded our models to achieve even better accuracy. We’re now able to predict, on day 1 of your Quarter, with at least 90% accuracy, where you will land on the last day of the Quarter.

Today the science of sales takes a huge step forward. AI-based predictions and insights can now be combined with the knowledge and judgment of seasoned sales professionals to close more deals.

My offer to you

I’m so confident in the strength of our AI that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Sign up for our free, no obligation Aviso 90 Challenge Trial. We will apply our AI algorithms and analyze every deal in your CRM system so we can provide you with highly accurate WinScore predictions and Insights on each and every one. If we are not at least 90% accurate, name your charity and I will send them a $500 check on behalf of Aviso. We hope you’ll take advantage of this exciting offer and begin to apply the power of AI to help you close more deals.

The future of predictable sales is here! Stay tuned for more updates and thoughts about where Aviso is headed with our AI-powered Opportunity Management Solution.

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