Combining AI-Driven Forecasting and Sales Compensation is a Win-Win for Everyone

By Michael Lock

Today, at CompCloud, we proudly announced a partnership with Xactly to combine their incentive estimator with our AI-powered forecasting and sales visibility platform. The partnership gives sales reps greater ability to hit their number as it by highlighting which deals are most likely to close this quarter through Aviso, while Xactly shows reps the potential incentive compensation they can earn from the deals in their forecast. Today, in a keynote at CompCloud, I look forward to showcasing the integration, which leverages Xactly Connect API’s to connect the Aviso platform.

As an experienced sales leader, I’ve spent countless hours deciphering spreadsheets, CRM data and comp data to build accurate forecasts and sales plans that would meet the number.  Using AI-driven insights, it’s possible to finally have access to a forecast and pipeline that is accurate.  Adding sales comp to the plan helps to align sales management and sales reps, and focuses everyone on the right goals. Partnering with Xactly is an important step that will simplify the sales process and align priorities for the best results.

I look forward to the success and revenue growth that our joint customers will experience through this collaboration. In addition, I look forward to welcoming Evan Ellis, President & COO of Xactly at the Aviso Ascent conference on June 13.  He will join other forward-thinking executives on a panel to discuss converging AI and sales trends and the business issues that will impact sales strategies and outcomes.


Ascent will take place June 13, 2017 in Los Altos, California. The one-day event brings together sales leaders and visionaries to share new ideas, innovative technologies, and foster rich dialogue about using AI to accelerate sales growth.

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