What is #noCRM?

By Amit Pande

What does #noCRM mean in theory and in practice? And what can it mean to you if you live and breathe the world of sales and revenue?

A Brief Look Back In Time

Let’s take a step back. The CRM industry started in the early 1980s. If it were an adult it would be a Gen X’er. Since the first CRM launched, a lot has happened. We went from cassette tapes and DVDs to Netflix and Youtube. We went from taxis to Uber to peak Uber. We went from IRC Chat to Yahoo Messenger to WhatsApp. The technologies in our personal life make life easy and allow us to do more with less.

In theory, that was the promise of CRM. CRM was meant to be as easy to use as Amazon.com

In practice, while CRM helped millions of businesses embrace the cloud, it has also created a false equivalence between data capture and sales performance. It has given back to reps a lot less than it has demanded. While the number of CRM systems has exponentially increased (there are 379 CRMs on G2 Crowd and counting) ROI outcomes have remained below par:

The Problem with CRM Today

Wait a minute you say…Wasn’t CRM going to be the shiny bellwether for enterprise software and for the future of work? And since CRM has grown from a $10B to $120B industry, rep quota attainment must have gone up too right? No! It has fallen to an all-time low of 43% in 2018, down from 66% in 2011?! If it continues down this path, CRM spending will be up to 1.2 Trillion, and attainment will drop to less than 20% in the next 10 years. There is no positive correlation — and there may even be a negative correlation — between rep attainment and CRM spending!


In theory, CRM started off as a way to help reps. The idea was that if reps enter next steps and stayed on top of appointments, then they were much more likely to close more deals.

In practice, as time progressed, more and more people wanted information out of CRM. Legal, Procurement, Marketing, requested that more fields be added and kept updated. This wound up putting more administrative burden on sales reps. Over time, CRM has become a huge, lumbering database. It is a beast constantly hungry for more fields, events, and time spent.

Sailing Beyond CRM

Sales technology cannot continue down this path if it has to help reps and teams succeed. That’s where #noCRM comes in. “#noCRM” is a call to break free from the shackles of the CRM product experience. “#noCRM” is a better reality where reps focus on deal guidance, not data fluffing. “#noCRM” is a brave new world of the AI-powered Salesperson and GTM teams.

So what does “#noCRM” look like? Are we suggesting that GTM teams go back to the dark ages and run their businesses out of Excel? No, of course not! Rather, we need focus. We need guidance. We need the technology of the future to be the foundation of a sales org. With that, AI is the secret sauce that makes #noCRM possible. With AI augmentation, you can manage and run your sales organization in a completely new way.


Imagine if you could use AI to augment reps and GTM teams to do more with less. That’s a philosophy that we at Aviso all #LessisMore where teams use the power of leverage to win.

Imagine if there was a way to know the “golden” fields in your CRM  database that progress deals and are the key predictors of deal health, and if reps had to update only those fields.

Imagine if reps could get recommended insights and actions as mobile “nudges” in the same way that your Apple Watch nudges you to get your heart rate in the safe zone.

Imagine if managers and CFOs and CROs could blend the best of both Human intuition and AI Judgments to unify their forecasting and deal execution in AI-powered collaboration rooms.

That’s what #noCRM AI-based guided selling can do for your team, while improving win-scores and driving top-line revenue.

In practice, here’s what it means for different roles.

  • For Reps: Guidance, Deal Focus, Hygiene, Deals at Risk, Upside, Pull-ins, Nudges, Deal rooms.
  • For Managers: Coaching, Deals at Risk, Upside Deals, Pull-Ins, Roll-Ups.
  • For Sales Ops: Forecasting Accuracy with Insights, Deals at Risk.
  • For CRO: Digests (Visibility, Pacing, Top Deals at Risk, Top Upside Deals), Cost Takeout.

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