The AI-Driven Alternative To Chorus

When revenue teams want a single view across rep activities, conversations, deals, pipeline progress, and forecasts, they switch to Aviso.

Loved by fast-growing sales teams. Trusted across the enterprise.

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The Chorus Problem

  • Transcripts tend to be inaccurate. Speakers and dialogues see a mismatch
  • Only reveals Explicit Signals. No insight into buyer behavior
  • Does not reveal insights into relationships. Increases risk
  • No guidance on seller performance and coaching
  • Does not support forecasting

The Aviso Advantage

  • 98% accuracy in transcripts
  • Shows buyer emotion, sentiment, and intent signals in addition to seller insights
  • Get Relationship Insights that tie back to forecast
  • Advanced Sales Coaching Guidance gets the most out of every rep
  • Execute complex rollups. Pivot across multiple views and gain revenue confidence

Aviso- the Chorus Alternative that delivers end-to-end insights into your Revenue Operations

Industry-leading Conversational Intelligence

Transcription Diarization matches speakers with voice and video accurately
Don’t guess- know if a call actually went well with emotion and sentiment analysis
NLP-based sub-text analysis captures intent through tone, voice, and body language
Analyzes seller performance with insights into Question Rate, Talk/ Listen Ratios, Objections handled, topics discussed, competitor mentions, pricing discussion, etc.

Coach sellers to crush targets predictably

Linguistic Complexity Algorithms show if sellers are using simple communication on call
Know what top 10% reps do differently and clone those behaviors across the team
Set up dedicated Coaching Rooms in 1 click with contextual insights for meaningful 1-1s

Build stronger buyer-seller relationships

Ensure every deal is multi-threaded. Auto-populate and contact new stakeholders immediately
Activity and Relationship Maps showcase rep interactions and how buyers react to every touch
Account Plans and Org Charts help you target the right buyer at the right time and how buyers relate to each other

Your most accurate forecasts till date

Execute full-funnel, segment-based, usage-based or scenario forecasting- any model, any cadence
Aviso’s Time Series AI Engine assigns a Winscore for every deal based on historical and current omni-channel data
Pull the right deals into commits. Replace shaky deals with upside.
Know how much pipe is needed for the next 3 quarters.

Aviso Versus Chorus — The feature comparison is day and night

A point solution that leaves too many sales questions unanswered versus an end-to-end Revenue Intelligence Platform that delivers insights for reps, managers, ops, VP of Sales, and CROs in a single view.
Conversational Intelligence (CI)
Advanced Emotion analysis
Advanced Sentiment analysis
SmartTranscripts (4 to 5 line summary of the call)
Call Recording Playlist
Smart Playlist
Detailed CI reports and dashboards
Buyer Intent Analysis (Text, Voice and Facial Expressions)
1:1 Coaching rooms
Speaker Turn Diarization
Multilingual Support (CI for non-English Languages)
Real-Time Coaching
Activity & Relationship Intelligence
Email Body Insights
Engagement grade
Relationship Maps
Rep Leaderboards
Account Plans and Org Charts
Core Revenue Operations
Basic Forecasting
Complex Roll-Up Forecasts
Pipeline Inspection
Customized AI nudges
AI WinScore with explanations
Revenue Analytics & Reporting
CRM Automation
Activity and Contact Auto-population
Real-time CRM Writeback
Platform Architecture
Time-Series Database
Machine and Deep Learning Models

See Aviso AI in action

Unify your revenue data, shatter silos, and generate new insights to eliminate risk.