Sales Collaboration

Sales Collaboration involves bringing together all stakeholders involved in the revenue process to improve deal outcomes, rep performance, and customer satisfaction. Sales Collaboration typically involves 3 types of activities- sellers working with sellers, buyers and sellers working together and sellers being guided by managers. In a highly competitive environment like sales, ensuring collaboration is of the utmost importance in order to bring home larger accounts, help reps learn through 'osmosis', and deliver a seamless customer experience. Without collaboration, reps become individualistic, communication falls through the cracks and the bottom line suffers. Therefore, it is essential that you prioritize the ability to create lightning-fast collaboration spaces for account discussions, coaching sessions, and buyer-stakeholder conversations. This is why at Aviso, you can pull up collaboration rooms in literally one click no matter the occasion- be it spotting a coachable moment, creating deal rooms to share critical documents and transcripts, or discussions on forecasts. 

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