Our Technology

We believe in the power of data. Our platform focuses years of advanced data science and AI engineering on the complex problems facing today’s sales organizations.
Sales Is High Art. So Is Our Platform.
A powerful combination of CRM integration, big data, AI and machine learning algorithms, the Aviso platform is a powerful engine that gathers, analyzes and delivers the critical information CROs, Sales Operations leaders, Sales Managers, and Sales reps demand.
Big Data. Big AI. The Foundation of Big Results.
The Aviso Sales Forecasting and Visibility Platform comprises three key capabilities.

First, our independent data store contains real-time and historical data from CRM, finance systems, and external sources. More data, from more sources enables deeper analysis across more factors, greater flexibility, more granular calculations and more accurate sales performance predictions.

Second, our machine learning algorithms are tuned for sales forecasting, across multiple hierarchies, product lines, and sales structures. Our algorithms become more highly tuned to your business over time, and allow you to uncover factors that drive deal flow through the sales pipeline. Machine learning, applied to current and historical data allows you to model how deal factors contribute to sales outcomes, and provides the foundation of our sales performance predictions.

Third, best-in-class platform services provide ironclad security, a flexible notification engine, roles and permission-based access, integration with third party products, etc.

We leverage CRM data.

Aviso works in concert with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and easily integrates with other CRM solutions. CRM is the system of record for all sales teams. It’s also the source of the majority of data within the Aviso Data Store. Our platform extracts, transforms and loads data in real-time for ultimate responsiveness and accuracy. Aviso uniquely leverages up to eight quarters of historical data to identify and expose predictive signals that affect the forecast, pipeline and sales performance. Additionally, the system extracts and writes data to CRM in real-time, so there is never a question of out-of-sync data.

Integrate your sales stack with our API.

Our API library creates a virtual highway of data between our data store, algorithms, and third party applications. Data travels over the API, through the platform and into business modules or apps including our Total Visibility dashboard, Automated Rollup capability, AI-powered forecasts, Pipeline Value Predictor, and AI-driven insights. With our partners, the API allows us to integrate external data such as compensation data, financial data, sales activity reporting data, etc. The API allows third-party data to be exposed within Aviso, and Aviso data to be exposed within third-party applications.

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