The Aviso Partner Network creates an integrated community of advanced technologies and services to help sales teams leverage a holistic set of data within Aviso Sales Vision.
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CRM Partners

Aviso works in concert with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and easily integrates with other CRM solutions. CRM is the system of record for all sales teams. It’s also the source of the majority of data within the Aviso Data Store. Our platform extracts and leverages all of your historical data to identify and expose predictive signals that affect the forecast, pipeline and sales performance. Additionally, the system extracts and writes data to the CRM, so that data is never out of sync.

Technology Partners

By opening our API, we are making it easy to combine the power of any sales technology with the Aviso platform, and we're giving customers an entirely new understanding of which factors accelerate sales growth. We then feed those insights back into partner technologies so that joint customers can experience the power of AI at all layers of the sales stack.

Drive sales performance by combining Xactly’s incentive compensation with Aviso’s AI-powered sales forecasting. Driven by the ability to run AI-powered scenarios and Aviso deal scores that guide reps to the deals with the highest likelihood of close, reps work on the right deals to hit quota and maximize compensation goals.

“We’re pleased to team with Aviso, a like-minded industry leader that is committed to bringing to market innovative new ways to leverage inventive compensation data as a critical part of the sales planning process.”

— Nichole Giamona, Director of Product Management, Xactly

Together, Aviso and ClearSlide offer a winning combination of actionable deal insights and guided selling to drive seller productivity and close deals faster. Guide reps to the deals most likely to close this quarter with the Aviso Deal Score, and enhance customer and prospect engagement with content and communication delivered at exactly the right time.

“A large forecasting risk factor is relying on self-reported activities and manager intuition — we hear from sales and marketing leaders that they lack visibility into what’s actually happening. ClearSlide helps address this risk by capturing all cross-channel engagement between sellers and buyers, and by making engagement insights available to the entire organization. We are thrilled to partner with Aviso to integrate ClearSlide engagement data as a proven signal for predictive forecast accuracy.”
— Chris Badger, Alliance Partnerships, ClearSlide

Data-driven companies combine Aviso’s AI-powered platform with Looker’s next generation business intelligence and analytics. Together, we leverage data from multiple sources to provide a total sales visibility platform. Take informed action and drive to your quota armed with data and analytics displayed in a radically simple AI-driven dashboard and a series of advanced reports and analytics capabilities.

“We strive to partner with companies like Aviso that are leaders in their markets, to help businesses make better data-driven business decisions. We look forward to the innovations we can bring to bear with Aviso, including turning traditionally complex data points into intuitive reports.”
— Erin Franz, Technology Alliances Manager, Looker

Integration Partners

Slalom designs and builds strategies and systems to help companies solve some of their most complex and interesting business challenges.

Estuate provides integration and IT services around product engineering; data and analytics; subscription billing and revenue management; and governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

“Billing and Revenue Management is one of our key services and a significant number of our customers are looking for help with accurately forecasting their revenue. Aviso provides best in class AI-powered forecasting, and working with them enables us to be an integral part of solving a fundamental business problem.”
— Prakash Balebail, CEO, Estuate

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