AI-Driven Insights

Leverage actionable insights powered by AI to accelerate sales cycles and close deals faster.
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Detailed Pipeline Visibility

Mitigate pipeline risk and deal slippage, with AI-powered warning signals that tell you when deals are at-risk.
Use granular, drill down visibility into deals across your hierarchy to drive deal-specific coaching sessions.

  • Granular Visibility

    Drill down and see every deal your reps are counting on for the quarter. According to the highly accurate Aviso forecast, Serena will have a huge second half of the quarter with a large number of commit deals closing in the next few months.

  • Deal Score

    Aviso deal scores predict the statistical likelihood the opportunity will close this quarter. Serena is calling the Greensleeves deal and it only has a 21% chance of close this quarter. Might be worth exploring further in a 1:1.

  • Deal Level Forecasting

    See the group of deals that your team is relying on for the quarter. Use the “audit trail” feature to view and address disagreements among members of the team on whether a deal is “in” or “out” of forecast for the period.

  • Activity Score

    We track activity related to each account, and provide color-coded insight into the level of activity to give you another data point for comparison.

Powerful AI Insights

Managers and reps love our deal cards. Unlike a weather forecast, with Aviso Sales Vision, you don’t cancel your picnic when rain (or missed quota) is expected. Instead, help change the outcome. Focus reps on opportunities with the highest statistical likelihood of close, and let our machine learning algorithms alert you when deals are at-risk and need attention.

  • Writeback

    On March 30 this deal was changed in Aviso and instantly written back to CRM.

  • Scroll Through Deals

    Simply click the arrow to do the same analysis with all deals in your pipeline.

  • AI-Driven Insights

    We see that the Voipa deal has been stuck in Stage 7 for almost 2 months. Even though most winning deals take less time in this stage, the deal score tells us Voipa has a viable chance of closing.

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