Deal Review

Streamline deal reviews and close more deals.
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Zero Prep Deal Reviews

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive deal review tool. We present all important opportunity-level data on one collaborative tool, and combine it with deal-closing insights, making deal reviews smarter and more actionable.

  • Deal Score

    Aviso deal scores predict the statistical likelihood the opportunity will close this quarter. The Franklin deal has an 83% chance of closing. We also give you an explanation of our score.

  • AI Insights

    Reps and managers leverage deal insights and notifications powered by AI to see blind spots. We let you know when something looks off in your forecast and needs your attention. We make it clear which deals need to be pulled across the finish line, so that no deals slip through the cracks.

  • Deal History

    Gain full context for the deal as it traveled through the pipeline.

Activity-Based Analysis
  • Email and Calendar Activity Summary

    Improve rep productivity and help coach them on next steps with insight into communication with prospects.

  • Internal Communication on Next Steps

    Communicate directly within the Sales Vision platform.

  • Org charts

    Save time and drive efficiency with a clear view of your prospect's decision makers.