Align Team Actions

Aviso helps Sales Managers overcome the biggest challenge to rep behavior change: meaningful and timely feedback.

Aviso uses AI to help Managers validate and override judgments, review opportunities in granular detail, and coach with both deal and player level insights, to maximize their teams’ potential.

Multi-level Judgment Roll-Up

Top Managers develop a system of checks and balances to counter biases in their team members’ forecasts. Aviso helps Managers update judgments across multiple regions and reps on-the-go, be better prepared for deal reviews, and drive team success.

Guide with Opportunity Playback

Sales Managers know that reps have the best chance of winning when they take the right actions on an optimal number of deals. Aviso AI uses true statistical probability to score each opportunity, and helps managers interact directly with a timeline of changes so they can guide reps on specific deal behaviors.

Coach With Questions and Insights

Top managers also use top performing reps to model behaviors of others. Aviso presents insights into deal and rep activity and helps Managers guide reps with specific coaching and playbook recommendations based on winning best practices the AI identifies across the entire business.

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