Opportunity Management

We’re redefining Opportunity Management with AI-powered WinScores, Insights and Maps to help close more deals

Don’t just manage your opportunities, win them with AI

Our WinScores, Insights and Opportunity Maps apply true statistical probability to close for each opportunity, taking into consideration more data points than any human or traditional CRM can, prompting quick attention where it matters most.

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Our WinScores are highly accurate and help you focus on the deals that have the best chance to close.

We ingest millions of data points and apply true statistical probability to close for each opportunity so reps can focus on the right deals at the right time and close them with confidence.

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We use the AI-driven Aviso WinScores and compare them to the forecast category. The sales team now comes to meetings more prepared with action plans to win thanks to Aviso.

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Opportunity Insights highlight risk and ensure critical tasks are completed on time

Extracted from millions of data points our Opportunity Insights eliminate guesswork and human subjectivity by surfacing the details that matter for a given opportunity.

SiriusDecisions CommandCenter(TM) research reveals sales people, on average, win 23% of the opportunities they pursue. That means they lose 77% of the time and it’s largely because sales force automation (SFA) alone doesn’t guide reps. It records their actions but they use mostly their intuition to decide which opportunities to pursue and what actions to take next.

Opportunity Maps provide an intuitive visual summary of your entire pipeline

Aviso Opportunity Maps display all the quarter’s opportunities in a single view, with visual queues to quickly identify those that are solid, those at risk, those that have upside and those that will not close that Quarter.

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