Pipeline Management

Proactively manage pipeline with AI insights

Manage pipeline with AI and gain 360° visibility into

  • Key instances of pipeline change that pose a risk or introduce an opportunity
  • Strengths and weakness across your current and next quarter’s pipeline to uncover which deals need attention, and when
  • Insights that guide reps to take the proactive actions necessary to close the deal

Pipeline How-to Guide

Mudit Garg of 8X8 describes how Aviso helps him gain better visibility into his pipeline along with valuable AI insights to help improve win rates.

Deliver actionable insights with Pipeline Change Analytics and Smart Filtering

Our pipeline change analytics and smart filtering enable help sales managers pinpoint exactly how, when and where pipeline changed so they can prevent deal slippage and focus on the deals that require extra attention to close.

Ensure reps are on track to hit next Quarter’s goals with AI-driven pacing

Get full visibility into quota attainment by rep and leverage AI-driven pacing to better understand which reps are on track to hit goals and which ones are well behind.

Know what action to take and when with Opportunity Maps

Our 2X2 matrix enables sales managers to quickly shift resources towards the deals that have “upside” and away from deals that our AI says are “at risk.”

Proactively manage your pipeline with Aviso

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