Pipeline Management

Make pipeline reviews smarter and more productive.
Learn 6 Best Practices to Optimize Pipeline Management
Revolutionize Pipeline Management

Eliminate spreadsheets and confusing sankey graphs used to show change analytics. Leverage a data-driven report showing the most important week-over-week deal changes so you're also focused on the right deals.

  • Smart Filtering

    Aviso’s secret sauce lies in its three magic buttons - up, down and no change. This special smart filter makes following deals through the pipeline simple and intuitive.

  • Weekly Change Summary

    See a weekly change summary by forecast category: Commit, Most Likely, and Best Case.

  • Drill Down

    Drill in and click on deals in each category to follow them through the pipeline.

Meet Next Quarter Goals

We not only alleviate the guessing game for this quarter, but next quarter too. Plug in your target goal for the next 120 days, and our machine learning models can tell you the quality of the pipeline you’ll need to reach your goal. We’ll also highlight the areas in which you’re lacking pipe so that you can address them.

  • Pipeline Development by Region

    Currently the team in Asia Pacific is 20% ahead of pace for building pipeline to hit the target of $100M for next quarter.

  • Target for Next Quarter

    Plug in your target goal for next quarter, and our machine learning models can tell you the quality of the pipeline you need. Aviso recommends a target plan number of $128.8M based on what’s in the pipe. The org wants $100M. Aviso then makes a plan to help you get there.

  • Changes in Pipeline Value

    See what changed in your pipeline value for next quarter over the last week. View a breakdown for all regions of two key metrics to inform your sales strategy: new pipe generated and pipeline development.