Pipeline Value Predictor

Leverage the only tool on the market that ensures that you have enough pipe to crush future goals.
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Next Quarter Pipeline

We know that all not pipeline dollars are equal. We eliminate crude '3x pipeline predictions' and
tell you the actual value of what’s in your pipeline. Sales Vision is the only platform on the market
that can do this! Crush quota next quarter with AI-driven pipeline guidance and pacing to ensure
you stay ahead of the game for next quarter.

  • Target for Next Quarter

    Plug in your target goal for next quarter, and our machine learning models can tell you the quality of the pipeline you need. Aviso recommends a target plan number of $128.8M based on what’s in the pipe. The org wants $140M. Aviso then makes a plan to help you get there.

  • AI-Driven Pacing

    Currently the team is right on pace for building pipeline to hit the target of $140M for next quarter.

Changes in Pipeline Value

Hitting next quarter targets requires that you have access to real time pipeline data.
Instantly see what changed in the value of your pipeline, and why.

  • Changes in Pipeline Value

    See what changed in your pipeline value for next quarter over the last week. View a breakdown for all regions of two key metrics to inform your sales strategy: new pipe generated and pipeline development.

  • Pipeline Development by Region

    APAC developed $650K in new pipe since last week, but lost $15K of value in terms of developing its later stage opportunities. For greater insight, we can also see what happened in APAC since the beginning of the quarter or month.

  • Pipeline Risk Indicators

    Americas and EMEA have adequate pipeline to support the target, however more pipe needs to be developed in APAC if the team wants to hit next quarter goals.

Set Yourself Up for Success Next Quarter.