Aviso for Sales Leaders

Deliver accurate forecasts. Proactively drive quarterly results.
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Leverage Accurate Predictions About Your Business

As a Sales Leader, you’re essentially being asked to predict the future.

You’re being asked to predict close dates and deal amounts, and to know how much pipeline coverage you need and how many “blue birds” you can expect to pop up and close in quarter.

How do you do this now? Gut feeling? Experienced guessing? There’s no longer any need to guess.

Our platform was designed with you in mind. We provide you with accurate early quarter predictions and actionable insight so that you can take control of quarterly performance.

Know What Changed in Your Forecast

Each week, in your staff meeting, you get grilled on what changed in the forecast and why.

In order to take action, you need to know which deals impacted your forecast. To obtain that information now, most likely you have Sales Operations run a report.

With Aviso, you have granular visibility and drill down capability into what changed in your forecast and why.

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