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Forecast and Plan with Confidence

Managers can review pipeline health, plan for future periods and coach their reps proactively on pipeline creation. Aviso reports help drive effective forecast management, and pipeline and deal reviews, and make it easy for managers to do quick pipeline analysis without ever leaving the Sales Vision platform.

The Leaderboard Report enables managers to see a detailed break down their team’s pipelines. Managers can see which opportunities are getting stuck, look at the items to be completed in those stages to progress the deal and coach sales reps on next steps.

Manage the Forecast of Direct Reports

As a first line manager, you want to see the deals that make up the forecasts of your direct reports.

Aviso incorporates in-line deal grids and reports at every level of the hierarchy to give you the drill down visibility you need to drive strategic conversations.

Eliminate time spent fighting over the numbers, and the need to jump back and forth between multiple tools and spreadsheets.


Drive Strategic Coaching with Data

Managers and reps love our deal cards. With all deal information at their fingertips, reps have several data points to help determine the true viability of the deal.

Track your most important deals through the pipeline and quickly see changes to deal amount, forecast category, or sales stage. Drive deal-specific coaching in meetings with early warning signals that flag when deals are off track or have been stuck in a stage for too long.

Reps can adjust the forecasted amount of the deal, provide deal level comments, and even make changes on the opportunity which are instantly written back to Salesforce.

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