How to Conduct an AI-Driven Pipeline Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Sales Leaders

Wondering what changed in your pipeline? We designed our Pipeline Change Analytics module to provide you with a smart, data-driven view of all changes to deal amounts and close dates. See the workflow being used by leading sales teams for pipeline reviews, and learn how you can eliminate spreadsheets, prevent deal slippage and improve win rates.

Make no mistake, revenue growth is directly impacted by optimizing pipeline management.

Yet, most sales teams are still using spreadsheets to drive critical pipeline review meetings.

Given the importance of moving pipeline to your business, and the outdated tools being used by sales teams, Aviso designed Pipeline Change Analytics to dramatically improve pipeline management.

Read this guide to learn the workflow being used by leading sales teams in B2B technology to conduct pipeline reviews. Find out how you can leverage Pipeline Change Analytics to move deals through the pipeline faster, prevent deal slippage, and improve win rates.