SiriusDecisions Research Brief – Sales Operations: Planning Assumptions Report 2019

Do you have costly sales process gaps? Learn how to find them.

Review these seven key planning areas to learn how you can improve the processes you have and discover new areas to optimize for greater sales success.

This research report for sales operations teams explores seven key planning assumption areas to review and act on now and throughout 2019. You will also learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology significantly improves sales ops processes for better sales outcomes.

The seven key areas for sales planning are:

  1. Sales Reporting, Analysis and Intelligence: AI-Enabled Opportunity Scoring and Sales Activity Capture
  2. Sales Planning: Sales and Marketing Alignment
  3. Incentive Design and Management: Obtaining Timely Data for 2019 Incentive Planning
  4. Sales Processes and Infrastructure: Realizing the Vision for SFA Systems
  5. Sales Productivity Analysis: Conducting an Annual Sales Activity Study
  6. Sales Operations Functional Design and Development: Increased Focus on Technology Value
  7. Infrastructure Deep Dive: Where’s the SFA

If AI for sales operations is new to you, we can provide an overview of trends and share Aviso’s approach to helping sales organizations run smarter with its AI for sales.