5 Important Metrics in Sales Forecasting: How Aviso gets these right, every single quarter

Jeff Williams from Bain recently published a blog called: “5 Important Metrics in Sales Forecasting”. While I couldn’t agree more on the importance of these metrics for sales operations professionals, sales leaders and sales reps, I have to point out that most solutions fall short of actually meeting the complex nature of producing these metrics.…

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Aviso ushers in a new era in AI-Driven Sales Forecasting and Visibility

It’s a big day at Aviso! This morning at our first ever Aviso Ascent conference, we announced several breakthrough product enhancements that will dramatically improve the information available to sales executives, ops leaders, and sales reps.  With this new, data-driven insight, sales organizations will be able to make informed decisions that accelerate sales growth. Aviso…

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Blog Series: 10 Myths About Sales Forecasting and Visibility – Sales Myth #8

Myth #8 Experienced sales management can make accurate judgments based on gut feel  Great sales managers are great pattern matchers. That’s not a normal thing we write on performance reviews. We usually write something like “Kristin has an innate feel for the business that she combines with sound business judgment to be a top performer.…

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