Aviso Insights™ Product Breakdown

As mentioned before, sales forecasting is arguably the most important planning process that a company undertakes.  The key output of the sales forecasting process is revenue projection and revenue is the lifeblood of a company.  As a consequence, every major decision is changed or executed based upon the sales forecast (examples – budgets, resource allocation,…

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How a Portfolio Approach Helps You Close More Deals

In today’s complex, data-driven economy, a single approach to forecast your organization’s sales pipeline is not enough. Denis Pombriant writes in CRM Buyer (“How Many Pipelines Do You Have“) about why organizations must move away from traditional forecasting techniques based on simplicistic sales stages and static probabilities, and rethink their sales pipeline as a portfolio…

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Who’s on First? What’s on Second?

The sales/revenue forecasting process is clearly the most challenging predictive process for most business organizations. It generally starts as a “bottoms up” process with each salesperson providing their forecast to their manager. Each manager then consolidates the forecast from his subordinates and sends it to the next level in the sales organization hierarchy and so…

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Total Revenue Intelligence – A Step Beyond BI for Business Leaders

While today’s business intelligence (BI) vendors have been somewhat successful in providing dashboards and reports for visualizing revenue activity and sales pipeline, Total Revenue Intelligence is different. Total Revenue Intelligence (TRI) goes well beyond standard business intelligence query and reporting in applying a robust comprehensive solution for revenue forecasting across all of a company’s revenue…

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Why I Started Aviso

After two years of hard work developing a product with a set of phenomenal early customers, I am excited about coming out of stealth mode and publicly launching our company. I would like to kick-off my blog by answering some questions that folks have been asking me: Why Aviso? Why now? Why us? First, why…

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