Three Ways AI Guidance Can Help You Sell Better in a Black Swan Environment
Amit Pande
You can also read this article on Selling Power Magazine. Aviso AI was recently featured in Selling Power's Top 2020 AI Solutions. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The year 2020 has already been a year of tumultuous twists and turns unlike anything we’ve seen in recent decades. It has brought concepts like “Black Swans” – unpredictable or unforeseen events,…
CRO Insights with Ken Laversin: How to Drive Business Outcomes with AI
Amit Pande
We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ken Laversin, a veteran sales executive. We were interested in learning about Ken’s career trajectory as well as his unique experience with using advanced technologies like Auto-Machine Learning in the sales field. Formerly CRO at Silver Peak and Global Head of IoT Sales at Cisco, Ken…
WFH vs WFHDP: How Aviso is using Aviso to Manage Work in Pandemic Time
Neha Nirkondar
Optimizing for Working Remotely In the New Normal   This post isn’t about how to Work from Home better using Zoom or Slack. Rather, it is a peek into our experience of how to run an entire business remotely during a crisis, using our own tool. In this blog post we share how Aviso’s platform has…
Collaboration with Digital WarRooms
Neha Nirkondar
The Challenge with Sales Collaboration: While collaboration is an integral component of a fully functional and productive sales team, it is a hard problem to solve. Yes, in a world of free Zoom and Slack accounts, it may seem counter-intuitive to seek out additional tools or capabilities. However, at Aviso AI, sales and deal collaboration…

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