How To Use AI To Boost Business Confidence In A VUCA World
Amit Pande
Today's world has been described as "the new normal," "business as unusual" and even "permaweird." In companies around the globe: Sales agents and marketers are asking: How am I supposed to grow client relationships without in-person interactions? Team managers are asking: How can we understand which customer relationships are working, and evaluate team members appropriately?…
Accelerate Remote Selling with Guided Collaboration
Kimberly Wang
The recent pandemic has led to unprecedented measures as efforts to restrict the spread of the virus persists. From shutting down restaurants and in-person stores to canceling large events, businesses around the globe have been forced to adapt to widespread shelter-in-place regulations. The largest shock to companies, however, has been the transition of its employees…
Drive Revenue Growth with AI-Guided Pipeline Management
Jennifer Wang
Sales pipelines can often be an enigma – a vague swirl of CRM, convoluted spreadsheets, audacious revenue targets, and irregular team meetings to discuss a “pipeline” that often seems more time-consuming than anything. However, pipelines remain a major indicator of future revenue, and having a strong pipeline is key to managing risk and driving revenue…
The Top 3 Ways AI Guided Forecasting Beats Spreadsheets
Jennifer Wang
Rigorous revenue forecasting is crucial to driving growth and to conveying confidence to your Board or Wall Street that your business is supported by a reliable forecasting machine that will scale well for future successes. However, most companies rarely meet forecasts. By making lowball forecasting a self-fulfilling prophecy, companies are leaving substantial value on the…

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