New Product Update: Contextual Nudges
Neha Nirkondar
Pulse Checks for Better Deal Execution: As 2019 draws to a close, we are thrilled to announce Aviso’s newest product update: Contextual System of Nudges. With Aviso’s nudges, sales and go-to-market teams can better close the loop between forecasting and deal execution. Nudges not only help prevent deal slippage by reminding users to act early…
New Product Update: Deal & Collaboration Rooms
Neha Nirkondar
The Challenge with Sales Collaboration: While collaboration is an integral component of a fully functional and productive sales team, it is a hard problem to solve. Yes, in a world of free Zoom and Slack accounts that may seem counter-intuitive. However, sales and deal collaboration is a lot more than just live meetings and chat.…
New Product Update: Bookings Timeline
Neha Nirkondar
The Problem With CRM Bookings: In our recent product update, Opportunities Acceleration, we described how one of the biggest problems with CRM systems is how close dates are entered by sales reps. Research conducted by our data science team indicates that the close dates forecasted by sales teams are often likely just placeholders in the…
Product Update: Opportunities Acceleration
Neha Nirkondar
The Problem With CRM Forecasting: If you work in sales, you know that an ideal sales-cycle starts with a massive amount of pipeline, from which you and your team need to whittle down into opportunities you’ll actually pursue. How do you know which deals to focus on from that giant hay-field of current pipe? If…
New Product Update: Informed Editing
Neha Nirkondar
Automate and De-risk Your Forecasting Entry Traditional sales forecasting methods come with a lot of inherent biases and problems. Perhaps the most seemingly innocuous of these has potentially the most devastating effect on the end calculations: typos. By this we are referring to, say, that accidental slip of the hand where 100M total pipeline is…
Aviso Selected For Third G2 Crowd Award This Year
Neha Nirkondar
At Aviso, we pride ourselves on our customer service, experience, and satisfaction. This is why we are thrilled to announce that we have been selected for our third G2 award this year. Earlier this year, we were recognized as a “Top 50 Sales Tools 2019” and a “G2 Sales Analytics Leader for Winter 2019.” Most…

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