Extending the Lead in AI for Sales with Several New Game-Changing Features

By Michael Lock

New AI Insights, Opportunity Acceleration Chart and Opportunity Map enhancements help guide sales teams to a modern data-driven approach

As the adoption of AI for Opportunity Management and Sales Forecasting continues to heat up in the coming year we continue to make significant product advancements and add critical new capabilities to the Aviso platform. In recent months we’ve seen an increase in both interest and adoption of AI to solve legacy sales challenges and it looks like the trend is poised to continue well into 2019.

In September of last year we announced the rollout of our new AI-powered opportunity management solution along with several new features that had yet to be seen in the marketplace. Since that epic release we’ve learned a lot from our customers about how they’re leveraging our Opportunity Maps, WinScores and Opportunity Insights to proactively manage pipeline.

As we continue down that path we’re proud to announce another round of exciting and innovative capabilities that will extend our product roadmap and further enable our customers to leverage our platform to create more predictable outcomes and help you close more deals.

With our latest announcement there are several exciting new capabilities that include:

Newly enhanced Aviso Opportunity Insights will provide sales teams with an even richer set of actionable insights to help track and close more deals. These enhanced insights include Predicted Closing Window, Sales Rep Owner and WinScore Trend insights to add to our already expansive set of 20+ insights. Predicted Closing Window gives an AI-generated prediction into the most likely closing window and helps salespeople target a week-by-week action plan, focusing on opportunities most likely to close. Sales Rep Owner insights provide a great coaching tool by surfacing relative sales performance. For example, a sales manager gets insights specific to strengths and weaknesses of a particular sales rep, such as greater conversion rate on Commit deals, but poorer track record on converting larger deals. Finally, WinScore Trend gives a unique forward looking trend projection on key opportunities, which helps Sales management spot the riskiest as well as the most promising opportunities. For example, two deals might have a score of 60, but one of them might reduce to 40 next week, unless it moves to a procurement stage, because that particular deal fits the profile of a longer procurement cycle.

New Opportunity Acceleration Charts are now available which will enable sales teams to identify deals forecasted to close in the following Quarter and “pull” them back in to close in the current Quarter. This data is invaluable as most managers and reps don’t look to next Quarter when it comes to identifying promising opportunities that can be accelerated to close. Aviso’s AI looks at the entire open pipeline for next quarter and generates WinScores for that quarter. With the new Opportunity Acceleration Charts sales can identify the top 20% of next quarter’s pipeline that represent the best opportunities to potentially pull forward to close this quarter. Our backtesting, with real customer data, has shown a 10x win rate increase when pull-in opportunities are selected from this AI-generated list, compared to the usual win rate of pull-in deals.

Updates to our Opportunity Maps feature include a new set of Forecast Categories as well as an entirely new UI for Mobile. With these new Forecast Categories sales managers and reps have more flexibility to manage the forecasting process and will be able to more accurately forecast deals. With our new Mobile UI teams now have full access to maps with the ability to drill down, at the opportunity level, and take corrective action all via their mobile device. The Opportunity Map now has new options for comparing the Aviso recommendations to Sales judgment. Sales people can choose forecast ‘categories’, as well as Aviso’s Deal Level Forecasting, to baseline the forecasted part of the the open pipeline. Aviso’s AI engine then recommends an alternative set of opportunities that match the Sales selected forecasted opportunities. Our backtesting consistently shows a higher win rate (more Upside, less Risk) with Aviso’s recommended Opportunities rather than relying on Sales judgment alone.

Aviso has also added the Opportunity Map and Opportunity Insights AI capabilities to Mobile! Sales managers can now see, at a glance on their mobile device, key trends in the Forecast as well as a summary of Opportunities with the most Risk as well as Upside. With a few clicks, the app also provides AI insights on individual Opportunities as well as an easy way to update any key fields related to Opportunity. We have also added the AI aggregate forecast trend to Mobile, so Sales leaders can instantly spot key changes, and drive action plans with their sales teams.

As the science of sales continues to take huge leaps forward with the help of AI we at Aviso will continue to drive innovation, accuracy and predictability across our platform. We’re still very confident in power and accuracy of our AI so we’re extending our Aviso90 Challenge Free Trial indefinitely based on early positive results and interest from both prospects and customers alike. Click here for more details and to find out if your company qualifies.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days and weeks as we announce additional features and capabilities. The future of AI for Sales has never looked brighter!

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