AI for Sales Operations: The Next Revolution

Sales forecasting is experiencing an AI disruption that's nothing short of epic. As the first to introduce this technology into the organization, Sales Ops is ushering in something big. Find out how you can leverage AI to improve sales forecasting and eliminate errors caused by spreadsheets, and how early adopters at technology companies obtain an accurate forecast on day 1 of Q, predict run rate business, and gain business visibility and actionable AI-powered insights that immediately improve sales.

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Aviso vs. Spreadsheets

Far too many companies still trust their critical forecasting process to spreadsheets. Not only does this method require hours of Sales Ops time, but it's proven to be inaccurate. Find out the seven revenue killers caused by this forecasting method, and what you can do to fix it.

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Automated Rollup

A real-time forecast is essential to managing a large, multi-tiered sales organization, yet it’s almost impossible to roll-up the forecast from every rep, across every product, in every region accurately. The answer is an automatic forecast roll-up and artificial intelligence to interpret its value.

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Pipeline Value Predictor

Almost every missed quota can be traced back to one fundamental problem: not having enough pipeline. We set you up for success next quarter because you know how much coverage you need to hit your goal, and you can see whether lack of pipeline is due to a sales prospecting issue, or if you need to work more closely with marketing to generate leads.

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Data-Driven Insights

Learn how sales teams at leading technology companies use Aviso insights, powered by Artificial Intelligence, to take control of sales performance. Drive deal-specific coaching sessions, focus reps on the right deals for this quarter, and gain early warning signals into deals that are at-risk.

Case Studies
RingCentral: Managing the Sales Forecast – Predictively

When your company has a high volume of transactions and a short sales cycle, then you’re apt to have a lot of data that is changing at a very rapid pace, making real-time forecasting difficult when just using the CRM data and spreadsheets.

2016 Global Sales Forecast Optimization Customer Value Excellence Through Application Convergence Award

Sales forecasts are critical to every business and drive internal decisions, including determination of budget, which in turn affects several business units of an organization. Most existing tools fail to provide the real-time automated forecast roll-ups and granular deal-level analyses needed to accurately inform other related decisions.

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