Ankur Ahlowalia, VP of Business Operations at Apttus

Hear from Ankur how Apttus, one of the fastest growth companies in the Bay Area, drives forecast management across product lines with Aviso. Find out how Aviso enables Apttus' sales and sales operations team to “take quicker action" and how they've added a level of "accountability, predictability, and visibility" into their sales forecasting process.

AI for Sales Operations: The Next Revolution

Sales forecasting is experiencing an AI disruption that's nothing short of epic. As the first to introduce this technology into the organization, Sales Ops is ushering in something big. Find out how you can leverage AI to improve sales forecasting and eliminate errors caused by spreadsheets.

ebook resource
Sirius Decisions Research Brief – Sales Operations: Planning Assumptions 2018

It’s an exciting time to be a sales operations professional, but leaders need to identify growth opportunities that will make a strategic difference for sales. In this EBook, SiriusDecisions has identified five recommendations that should drive planning in 2018, including the automation of manual and repetitive tasks such as reporting, and a focus on enhancements in data science.

Case Studies
Veracode: Aviso Meets Need for a Highly Configurable Forecasting Solution

Veracode selected Aviso because we were the only vendor who could meet Veracode's complex forecasting needs. Read this case study to find out how using Aviso provides early insight into deals at risk, provides forecast views across business segments, and offers early insight into deals at-risk.

Lookout: Aviso Provides Unprecedented Pipeline Visibility

With Aviso, Lookout gained comprehensive insight into their pipeline. Read this case study to learn how sales leaders use Aviso technology to drive business visibility, and gain early insight with drill-down visibility into sales performance and deal-level detail.

Aryaka: Accelerates Revenue Growth with Actionable Pipeline Insights

Read this case study to find out how the Aryaka team utilizes the Aviso dashboard to gain actionable insights. With Aviso, Aryaka executives now have real-time visibility into business performance, giving them the ability to assess strengths and weaknesses across the forecast, and course correct early to drive towards quota.

RingCentral: Managing the Sales Forecast – Predictively

"Read this case study to learn how RingCentral:
- determined they needed to look beyond simple forecasting tools to support their needs as the business scaled
- Use Aviso to predict their run rate business, or the large amount of deals that open and close within the quarter
- Have used coaching, powered by data, to improve rep performance"

Splunk: Saves Hours Weekly by Getting into Aviso and Out of Spreadsheets

20% of Splunk's sales team was managing their forcasts in spreadsheets - wasting valuable hours every week with an innacurate antiquated process. Read this case study to find out how Splunk's sales operations team now provides the sales team with powerful intelligence in real-time.

Apttus: Found the Competitive Advantage to Attract Investors They Were Looking for With Aviso

Apttus, one of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area, evolved rapidly and their organization structure and processes needed to scale quickly. Read the case study to learn how Apttus’ sales org benefits from Aviso at the executive, sales ops, manager and rep levels.

Data Science-Powered Forecasting

Read this white paper to find out the two main reasons that applying machine learning to forecasting is superior to "rules-based forecasting." Learn how using algoritms to look at million of data points and predictive signals, including past performance, can drive more accurate forecasting.

An Aberdeen Report: Sales Pros Rarely Lack Confidence…Until It’s Forecasting Time

Aberdeen Group surveyed 322 end-user groups to better understand their sales effectiveness and best practices. They determined that enterprise sales forecasts were more crucial than ever. Read this whitepaper to learn the biggest reported barriers to accurate sales forecasting, and to see how getting the forecast right leads to better business results.

Supercharging Sales Performance: Next Generation Analytics and Forecasts Can Make the Difference

According to Ventana Research, investing in sales forecasting pays off. Read this whitepaper to find out how to optimize sales performance and maximize revenue with modern technology designed for sales forecasting that provides actionable, forward-looking insights.

2016 Global Sales Forecast Optimization Customer Value Excellence Through Application Convergence Award

In 2016, Aviso’s predictive analytics cloud platform was recognized by Frost & Sullivan. Find out how Aviso provides every level of the B2B sales team the visibility and early-warnings they require to logically value deals, shorten the sale cycle, and nurture the most promising sales opportunities, to drive faster revenue growth.

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