How to Close More Deals: A Step-By-Step Guide to Running AI-Driven Deal Reviews

Talking through strategy and next steps with reps is fundamental to closing deals. Yet, reps and leadership alike dread deal review meetings – and for good reason.

View the step-by-step workflow used by sales leaders to close more deals by leveraging data driven deal review meetings instead of intuition alone.

Forecasting Guide for Sales Leaders: AI-Driven Workflow for Delivering Accurate Forecasts

Is your forecasting process becoming increasingly complex and still being managed in a spreadsheet?

This guide is for you. We'll show you why high performing sales teams are ditching error prone spreadsheets and leveraging a simple AI-driven workflow to deliver accurate forecasts.

How to Conduct an AI-Driven Pipeline Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Sales Leaders

Wondering what changed in your pipeline? We designed our Pipeline Change Analytics module to provide you with a smart, data-driven view of all changes to deal amounts and close dates. See the workflow being used by leading sales teams for pipeline reviews, and learn how you can eliminate spreadsheets, prevent deal slippage and improve win rates.

Painless Deal Reviews: 5 New Approaches to Improve Win Rates

Reps and managers alike report dreading the current deal review process - and for good reason. Download this guide to learn how leading edge sales sales are eliminating data prep. Learn how you can use AI-based smart selling signals to improve win rates.

Painless Forecast Management: 6 Best Practices to Drive Accuracy

Delivering accurate sales forecasts is difficult. The majority of sales teams still use CRM reports and spreadsheets — even when research shows that 90% of spreadsheets contain errors that can compromise forecasts. There is a better way. Download this guide to learn six new AI- driven best practices for consistently delivering a reliable forecast.

Painless Pipeline Reviews: 6 New Best Practices to Drive Revenue

When it comes to pipeline reviews the majority of sales teams are still using CRM reports and spreadsheets and relying on human intuition. The CRM-Spreadsheet method puts sales teams at risk of missing goals. There is a better way. Download this guide to learn six new AI-driven approaches to conducting pipeline reviews and driving revenue.

Mudit Gar, VP of Sales Strategy and Global Operations at 8X8

Mudit Gar, VP of Sales Strategy and Global Operations, talks about the benefits of using Aviso for their global sales intelligence needs. Aviso helps him see what's happening in the pipeline at any given time. What is changing, what is moving in and what is moving out for deeper insights.

Robert Merrill, Head of Global Sales Operations at FireEye

Learn how Robert Merrill, Head of Global Sales Operations, puts Aviso's Sales AI to work to leverage accurate deal scores throughout the quarter. He logs in everyday to review analytics to help their sales team manage forecasting, pipeline and deal flow.

Solution Briefs
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Aviso AI Solution Brief

Learn how sales teams are harnessing the power of AI to drive stronger sales results.

Forward-looking teams are turning to AI-driven tools to improve predictability and drive better outcomes. Benefits include greater accuracy in forecasting, pipeline and opportunity management.

Case Studies
Splunk: Saves Hours Weekly by Getting into Aviso and Out of Spreadsheets

20% of Splunk's sales team was managing their forecasts in spreadsheets - wasting valuable hours every week with an inaccurate antiquated process. Now they have powerful deal level intelligence in real-time. No more spreadsheets.

Analyst Reports
SiriusDecisions Research Brief – Sales Operations: Planning Assumptions 2018

It’s an exciting time to be a sales operations professional, but leaders need to identify growth opportunities that will make a strategic difference for sales. In this guide, SiriusDecisions has identified five recommendations that should drive planning in 2018, including the automation of manual and repetitive tasks such as reporting, and a focus on enhancements in data science.

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