Revenue Operations (RevOps)

Revenue Operations is the strategic intersection of sales, marketing and customer service segments- in essence, all aspects of your company’s GTM motion. Revenue Operations seeks to provide a seamless experience for customers through creating a central location from which all customer building, closing and retention activities can be conducted, captured and analyzed. This is critical in today’s environment where buyer-seller interactions happen on disparate platforms and it is becoming hard to differentiate reality from what your stale CRM data is telling you. In part, this is a problem created by the revenue technology space itself, because most tools in this space tend to be point solutions that don’t talk to each other, don’t integrate deeply with CRM and therefore don’t feed their insights into each other. For this reason, revenue teams are increasingly migrating towards a ‘single pane of glass’ approach where one platform carries all the functionalities they need to gather revenue data, analyze calls, deals, pipeline, report on performance and make accurate forecasts.