Global presence is important for firms trying to expand into the market, grow their customer base, attract investment, and increase revenue. Every firm that aspires to be a global enterprise needs to think about making customers comfortable and at ease in making business decisions with their organization. 

In an effort to do so, many salespersons prefer to communicate in their customers’ local language. Many customer success managers (CSMs) also prefer communicating with their customers in their native language to make them feel more comfortable during the onboarding process. 

Even though many people can understand English, you'd still prefer to offer multilingual conversation support to your customers to enhance customer experience and improve satisfaction. The fact is that if you speak the local language, you will generate more leads. 

According to a report by CSA Research, 76% of consumers prefer to buy products with information in their native language

On a similar note, 62 % of end-users are more likely to put up with product issues if they can access support in their native tongue.

A conversational intelligence (CI) solution with multilingual capabilities can process client conversation transcripts and provide call translation in multiple non-english languages and give an added edge of sentiment analysis and emotional tracking. This takes the selling experience for customers as well as sales teams to a whole new level. 

Multilingual CI capabilities support non-English languages and dialects to provide up-to-date transcription and call translation.

The Need For Multilingual Conversational Intelligence

As a front-line manager or a sales leader, you would want to know what the sales team communicates in the marketplace. But when sales calls happen in different languages for an enterprise company operating globally, or a sales team spread across different locations; sales managers are faced with a major challenge — how to process and analyze calls in non-English languages?  

Imagine you are a sales manager managing a dispersed sales team. In such a case,

  • How do you handle customer escalation in non-native language?
  • How do you know whether the product or service was positioned correctly to maximize value for the business?
  • How do you identify which product/service, message, or sales rep is making the most impact?

This is where AI-powered multilingual CI capabilities can be of immense value. 

With real-time transcription and translation support, you can see exactly what the rep said and did during every conversation, as well as any actions made in response to the caller's demands. AI-based transcription tools can also analyze large volumes of information to provide meaningful sales call insights into customer preferences, sales team performance, etc. 

Aviso’s Multilingual CI Capabilities

Aviso is the only CI platform that provides a multilingual CI feature with insights. Aviso CI’s ability to handle multiple languages helps multinational corporations with clients all over the globe with sales call transcription, call translation and sales call insights. 

Aviso’s state-of-the-art approach of “One model fits all” to analyze multiple languages eliminates the biggest barrier of developing separate models for each language. These models undergo continuous improvements with a human feedback loop. 

There are three main aspects to Aviso’s multilingual capabilities. One is the ability to understand and provide sales call insights in the native language. And the second is the ability to translate the transcript into different languages. 

Aspects of Aviso’s Multilingual CI Capabilities

Aviso’s Multilingual Transcription and Insights


Language should not be a hindrance to closing more deals and providing quality customer support. Multilingual CI capabilities can help sales teams gain meaningful insights about their prospects and customers by giving aggregate analysis, such as sentiment scores, at a geographic or a company level. Both buyers and sellers gain from multilingual support in a sales and revenue technology platform. It can boost sales and strengthen brand loyalty while engaging and delighting non-native English buyers and enhancing customer experience. 

To know how Aviso's multilingual capabilities can help you expand the reach of your brand, and scale your localization efforts, reach out to us.

List Of Languages Supported For Translation

List Of Languages Supported For Transcription