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How Aviso Helps Both Sales Managers and Sales Reps

Charles Forsgard, VP Global Sales at Honeywell, shares how managers and reps alike can benefit from using a sales intelligence tool like Aviso.

The Gong Problem

  • Basic seller-side call analytics
  • Basic forecasting that’s choked by reliance on CRM hierarchies
  • No way to track buyer-seller relationships
  • Deals go dark and you don’t know why
  • No predictive insight into future quarters

The Aviso Advantage

  • Analytics that reveal seller performance AND buyer emotions, sentiment and intent
  • Execute complex rollups and sophisticated forecast models with ease
  • Relationship Insights show who’s talking to whom, how often and engagement quality
  • Time Series AI Engine uses past quarter and current data to spotlight and mitigate risk
  • Know how much net new pipeline you need 1, 2, even 3 quarters out.

The flexibility of the architecture of Aviso’s platform, the time-series analysis to deconstruct pipeline and feed into the coaching conversation, I’ve always valued that from the Aviso platform. At Splunk there aren’t a lot of playbooks for what we’re doing to innovate with data in our industry. We needed a platform with proven architectural flexibility to help launch new businesses, products and GTM, align different incentives, and more. How do you capture all of that? If you build what you need in your CRM hierarchies (like Salesforce), or tools that read off the CRM hierarchy (like Gong, Clari, People.ai), that becomes an inhibitor to your business.

Simon Davies

Splunk logo
SVP and General Manager
Aviso vs Gong

See why Revenue Leaders like Netapp and Honeywell choose Aviso over Gong

Deeper Conversational Intelligence with powerful ML

  • Deep Learning Models capture buyer sentiment and intent from aspects of words spoken
  • Aviso uses semantic similarity to spot objections and the key themes that move the needle
  • Factor-based Emotion Analysis shows how buyers really feel on call
  • Coach sellers with data like Question Rates, Talk-Listen Ratios, Keyword Libraries, Patience Insights, and more

98% forecasting accuracy. This quarter and the next three

  • Insights into buyer-seller engagement inform Deal Winscores and influence commit decisions
  • Aviso has its own independent hierarchies so you pivot across multiple views, product lines, geographies, and opportunity data to inform decisions
  • Complex forecasting capabilities like splits/overlays, run rate, full-funnel, scenario-based, usage-based, and channel-based.
  • Compare AI and human predictions to verify and coach accuracy

Eliminate pipeline risk

  • Know Historical Pipe Created, Conversion Rates, and Distribution of Total Amount Won by Category
  • Learn Quarterly trends, Rate distribution and get real-time updates when pipe generation has slowed in regions/ products/ segments
  • Compare start of quarter projections and new pipeline added to EOQ outcomes. Make unbiased decisions vs gut-feel
  • Measure progress with sales linearity, sales funnel, churn reports and win-loss analysis.

An X-Ray Machine into Your Sales Organization

Seasoned sales veteran and leader Lori Harmon shares insights on how Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence can help sales teams drive more success by enabling visibility, transparency, and AI-driven insights and intelligence.

Aviso vs Gong

The feature comparison is day and night
Core Revenue Operations
Basic Forecasting
Predict End-of-Quarter outcomes on Day One
Complex Roll-Up Forecasts
Forecasting capabilities such as splits/overlays, product pivots, run rate, consumption base forecasting, channel forecasts. Aviso works with existing CRM hierarchy and also maintains its own independent hierarchies.
Pipeline Inspection
360-degree view of the pipeline giving you insights into pipeline progress, pipeline health, and where reps need to focus next
Customized AI Nudges
Nobel Prize inspired System of Nudges to guide rep and team behavior through the week
Opportunity WinScore Explanations
Explainable AI to help sales reps and teams understand the 100 point score and know why a deal is slipping or accelerating
Sales and Revenue Analysis
Out-of-the-box advanced reports for every aspect of Revenue Operations e.g. forecasting, activities and conversations quality, team coaching, deal reviews, pipeline inspections, lead-to-SDR effectiveness and more
Activity and Relationship Intelligence
Owner Insights
Moneyball for CRM. See how a CRM opportunity owner is performing relative to their own baseline and relative to other reps.
Booking Timeline Insights
Insights on when deals are expected to close in the quarter
Engagement Grade
Deal quality via engagement scores ranging from A through D to gauge quality of prospect engagement via emails, meetings
Rep Leaderboards
Integrated coaching leaderboards to show relative and absolute team performance
Rich Email Sentiment Mining
Advanced metrics from email body, going beyond subject line analysis, including emotion analysis, intent capture, and next steps.
Conversational Intelligence
Advanced Emotion Analysis
Advanced intelligence into multiple emotional states beyond simplistic Good or Bad, including happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust
Advanced Sentiment Analysis
Visual indicators to reveal the true intent of call participants, with insights into meeting tone (positive, neutral, or negative)
Call Recording Playlist
Integrated playlist of recordings from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Aviso Meetings, easily accessible in one place
Intent Recognition
User intent identified, even if phrased unexpectedly. Signals segmented at each stage and tied back to all customer interactions (e.g email, calendar, CRM) deal rooms
Transcription Summary
Get a concise summary of your entire sales call, along with insights on key next steps and risks identified, without having to listen to the entire recording
Sales WarRooms
Dedicated collaboration spaces to align on Forecasts, review Deals, and Coach reps on winning best practices.
CRM Automation
Activity and Contact Auto-population
Automatically capture all your sales and activity data from disparate systems
Full CRM Replication
Replicate your CRM instance within Aviso. Establish a two-way sync with *real-time* writeback capabilities.
Platform & AI Architecture
True Time-Series Database
Patented time-series database that can ingest 8 or more quarters of CRM, ERP, email, calendar, or other data sources
Deep Learning
Deep Learning models integrate conversational intelligence with core forecasting to improve deal outcomes
Sophisticated Machine Learning
Factor-based ML algorithms and advanced NLP (Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTMs, Gradient Boosted Methods, Locality Sensitive Hashing, NER, NLI) models versus Gong's more basic approaches
Federated Data Architecture and External APIs
Scalable plug & play architecture to easily share data across enterprise, with over 200+ integrations, and external APIs to any workflow, productivity, communication, transactional system

Aviso has built the next generation transformational platform for Revenue leaders (sales/ops). I've spoken to multiple CRO's who are betting the farm on leveraging Aviso’s platform for forecast, relationship, and conversational intelligence. The future is bright for reimagining the RevTech category.

Craig Pratt
Founder, Next Level Leader

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