Aviso is the People.ai alternative for deeper visibility into your Revenue Operations

When sales teams want to get a single view across relationships, rep conversations, coaching effectiveness, and forecast, they switch to Aviso

Loved by fast-growing sales teams. Trusted across the enterprise.

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The People.ai Problem

  • Single-threaded relationships
  • No Conversational Intelligence
  • No forecasting capabilities
  • Lack of coaching capabilities
  • Sales data silos

The Aviso Advantage

  • Multi-threaded buyer-seller relationships
  • Advanced Insights into rep conversations
  • Executing complex forecasting models
  • AI-driven sales coaching. Meaningful 1-1s
  • A single pane of glass across past quarter and current data

Build stronger relationships

Multi-thread every deal
See which buyers are contacted, how often and the nature of the interactions
Use Account Maps and Org Charts to spot the fastest route into decision-makers
Aviso shows you a detailed Relationship Graph so you track rep performance in real-time

Know what’s happening on sales calls

Understand buyer emotion on call, sentiment and intent
Analyze sellers with data like Talk/ Listen Ratios, Question Rates, and Keywords mentioned
Get advanced insights in a Smart Transcript Summary that also shows AI-suggested Next-Best-Actions

Get 98% forecasting accuracy

Know how conversations and relationships impact deal forecast
Predict the winnability of deals with Winscore Insights
Execute even complex forecasting models with ease
Pivot across multiple business views, product lines, opportunity data, etc

Eliminate revenue risk

Know which deals deserve to be in commits and replace sinking deals with upside
Aviso shows you root causes of pipeline flux and if you’re building enough pipe for future quarters
Measure progress with coverage data, sales linearity, sales funnel, churn rate and win-loss analysis.
Pipeline dashboards show historical, current, and projected pipeline progression.

Built-in Sales Coaching Suite

Opportunity Owner Insights which tell you the quality of owner behavior compared to other reps
Call snippets and Transcripts help you spot weakness areas for effective coaching sessions
Use Scorecards to differentiate leading and lagging reps
Pull up Native Coaching War rooms with contextual data in one click

Aviso vs People.ai- the feature comparison

Activity & Relationship Intelligence
Booking timeline Insights
Engagement grade
Owner Insights
Rep Leaderboards
Rich Email Sentiment Mining
Account Plans and Org Charts
Core Revenue Operations
Basic Forecasting
Complex Roll-Up Forecasts
Pipeline Inspection
Customized AI nudges
AI WinScore with explanations
Revenue Analytics & Reporting
Conversational Intelligence
Advanced Emotion Analysis
Advanced Sentiment analysis
Call Recording Playlist
Intent Recognition
Team Collaboration Spaces
CRM Automation
Activity and Contact Auto-population
Full CRM Replication
Platform Architecture
Time-Series Database
Machine and Deep Learning Models

Ready to crush your sales targets with the #1 People.ai alternative?