Revenue, Hiring, and Customer Adoption Growth Accelerated in 2022: Aviso Outperforms Expectations to Complete Record-Setting Year

REDWOOD CITY, Feb. 1, 2023 – Aviso AI, the only AI-guided Revenue Operating System recognized for its single pane of glass platform, announced it outperformed expectations with a record-setting fiscal year. In FY23, the company grew revenue year-over-year by 200%, employee hiring by 175%, and customer adoption by 400% with more companies choosing Aviso over underperforming legacy forecasting and conversational intelligence tools. This included New Relic, a Fortune 500 telecommunications leader, and the category leading workflows platform, as well as expansions at Armis, DataStax, Mural, and RingCentral, further demonstrating why more businesses are retiring other sales apps and moving to the Aviso platform. Aviso also added to its global leadership team with the appointment of Kevin Cheng as Senior VP of Marketing and Kasturi Das Talukdar as Global Head of Sales Development.

Revenue Intelligence Platforms and Revenue Management Take Top Spots

Despite technology and software companies facing unprecedented challenges, revenue management has become the top skill-set employers seek and the number one fastest rising job in 2023. Now more than ever, revenue leaders are asked to collaborate with other departments to proactively identify and fix revenue leakage, in the midst of ongoing economic pressure. At the same time, sellers and customer-facing teams need more coaching as they continue navigating an evolving deal climate. According to Gartner Research, only 39% of Chief Sales Officers are satisfied with their sales technology stack, with the top two cases for any new sales technology adoption or investment being CRM data entry and pipeline accuracy and visibility. Illustrating this trend, Aviso was recently recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s new Market Guide for Revenue Intelligence Platforms, January 2023.

“It’s been one of the best decisions we made and one of the tools that all of us live in on a daily basis,” said Harry Ault, Chief Revenue Officer, DataStax. “It’s extremely influential in that real-time view of how we manage the business, how we update, how we judge it, how we triangulate around AI-based trends that Aviso brings with what we know and what other trends are. It’s an integral part of how we run the revenue side of our business.”

“We look at Aviso as a real opportunity to not only inspect what’s going on from an execution standpoint but to help us drive that execution through proactive nudges, recordings, and AI to tell us what’s going on and help the salesperson get better,” said Carson Hofstetter, Chief Revenue Officer, RingCentral. “I’ve always appreciated that the Aviso team is earnest and transparent, very curious as to how we can improve adoption and most importantly – more predictability, better forecast accuracy, higher win rates, and better sales execution discipline. Those are the things I really appreciate about the partnership.”

Consumption-based Forecasting at Scale

In the face of these widespread challenges, category-leading companies have had to change their business models, pricing and product lines to optimize their GTM and rationalize spend. A recent OpenView Partners’ survey highlighted 39% of companies now charge based on usage. As part of its record-setting year, Aviso became the first revenue intelligence platform to deploy real-time consumption-based forecasting based on data in Snowflake, in addition to traditional opportunity-based data from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Hubspot, Veeva, and other leading CRMs. With the ability to forecast within 2.5% accuracy across different programs and account cohorts, a large multi-billion-dollar Fortune 500 technology leader switched from a legacy forecasting vendor to manage its revenue operations on Aviso.

“Revenue leaders today face pressures that impact hiring and retention, product development, operating capital, and other facets of the business they haven’t had to carry in the past,” said Trevor Templar, President and CEO, Aviso. “As a former CRO I understand when the data in CRM doesn’t line up with your intuition, and you need answers based on new factors like market conditions, team activity or proactive changes to GTM. I’m proud that Aviso is helping inquisitive and modern leaders test their intuitions with AI and find the answers needed to navigate and manage revenue.”

A Single Platform to Retire Other Sales Apps

CROs have spoken to the benefit of having a single platform as a strategic partner. A survey from Forrester Research of more than 210 executives and decision-makers found that revenue intelligent organizations were more likely to overperform on revenue, and far more likely to significantly overperform, compared to other organizations.

By helping organizations orchestrate and measure all the potential signals with one integrated platform, enterprises can retire other apps and point solutions, avoiding data and integration challenges as well as costly services. Proving this out, Aviso received the highest score possible in key criteria, including innovation roadmap and commercial model and pricing transparency in the 2022 Forrester Wave report for Revenue Operations & Intelligence.

“I've been a customer for 5 years at 2 companies, and its analytics are next level. I evaluated Clari and it’s not even close,” said Brad Stratton, former CRO, Venafi. “You can dive deep into analyzing customer touches and stalled deals and processes. Aviso is super responsive to enhancements and the team is always driving their product to the next level of insights.”

The company exceeded its growth benchmarks in FY23, experienced record highs in hiring and customer adoption. The addition of senior leaders such as Kevin Cheng, Aviso’s new SVP of Marketing, and Kasturi Das Talukar, Global Head of Sales Development, will allow Aviso to scale its GTM efforts as it experiences new levels of customer adoption and demand.

“We are delighted to welcome some of the best global SaaS GTM talent to drive Aviso’s next orbit shift in FY’ 24.” said Amit Pande, EVP of Strategy and CMO at Aviso.

To help companies survive and thrive in the impending economic storm, Aviso is offering a free-of-cost pipeline blindspot assessment to help spot inefficiencies in your pipeline and highlight the trigger events that can cause pipeline fluctuations.

About Aviso:

Aviso is the AI-guided Revenue Operating System that helps sales and go-to-market teams to accelerate growth, win more deals, and reduce risk. Aviso AI delivers integrated revenue intelligence, drives team-wide actions and course corrections, and augments sales teams while reducing the burden of CRM. With demonstrated results across industry leaders such as Honeywell, Seagate, Elastic, Armis, RingCentral, and Marlin Equity Partners, Aviso works at the frontier of AI across deep learning, speech recognition, decision science, and computer vision.

Aviso is backed by Storm Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures, and leading Silicon Valley and global technology investors.
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