TUE JUN 14 2022

The Value Of Aviso AI’s Conversational Intelligence In Driving Revenue And Cost Benefits

by Vinayak Moitra

Conversational Intelligence (CI) platforms leverage cutting-edge machine learning, NLP, automated sentiment recognition and activity transcripting technologies to provide a highly articulate and real-time understanding of the impact of the conversations. This can be used by driving parties to lead the meetings where they intend them to go. CI processes client conversation transcripts and gives an added edge of sentiment analysis and emotional tracking, which takes selling experience for sales teams to a whole new level. 

With Aviso’s conversational intelligence (also called Aviso Sense) at the heart of driving sales teams' activities, the sales reps can get guided analysis of their client buying sentiments in real-time. This enhances the reps’ chances of correctly demonstrating their sales pitch and the chances of their buyers positively receiving the proposal and getting their business concerns addressed in the correct manner.

Aviso CI Improves Sales Effectiveness And Productivity

Some of the key areas through which Aviso’s CI can help revenue leaders in improving their team's efficiency and performance are:

Sales Effectiveness (Improving revenue)

  • Improves lead conversion rate by enhancing the propensity to recognize buyer sentiments through sentiment analysis and smart transcripts functionality. This enhances the overall deal growth through cross-selling and upselling supplementary solutions.
  • Increases efficiency of sales rep activities through advanced NLP models that generate insights on every call and through easy to consume reports. Other features like smart visual summaries and call prep guides enable sales reps to focus more on their clients and targeted conversations rather than taking notes and secondary meeting activities.
  • Reduces deal cycles through helping reps to identify the right buyer intent through understanding verbal and non-verbal cues and acting with empathy to close deals faster.

Sales Productivity (Reducing costs)

  • Increases overall sales staff’s productivity through automating CRM admin processes and updates in real-time from insights and nudges based on conversational transcripts generated.    
  • Reduces new sales hire ramp-up time through efficient coaching and recommendation triggers for analyzing conversations in a deal cycle and creating a configurational guidance mechanism so that new hires can easily comprehend the selling processes for their deals. 

Quantifying The Business Impact Generated From Aviso’s CI 

In order to show the value impact to your organization from Aviso Sense, let us take the example of a company ABC technologies ltd., having annual revenue of $100 million and a total employee count of 500 (we assume roughly 10% of total employees (i.e 50) are in sales).

With Aviso Sense implemented on top of the current CRM layer, a brief summary of the total annual dollar value impact of conversational intelligence and its benefits to the organization can be evaluated and shown below:

Benefit pillars - 

Revenue Benefits

Revenue benefits comprise of process and technology impacts that are measured with the basis of improving the revenue through a mix of -

  • Improved sales rep performance gaps (incremental revenue through average performing reps becoming top performing)
  • Number of reps that move from average to top performing X Average revenue per top performing rep
  • Improved productivity through better coaching (incremental revenue through reduction in revenue lost per rep due to more efficient coaching and reduction in coaching time)
  • Number of hours reduced in coaching time X Average revenue lost 
  • Improved productivity from sales calls (incremental revenue through reduction in sales activity time spent on sales calls)
  • Number of hours reduced in sales calls X Average revenue generated from sales calls 
  • Reduced overall sales cycle time with timely and actionable nudges (incremental revenue due to faster deal conversions)
  • Increased number of contracts won X Average deal size  

Cost Benefits

  • Increased sales staff productivity through lesser time spent on administrative tasks 
  • Reduction in number of hours spent on admin task X Cost of sales staff on admin jobs per hour
  • Reduced ramp up time for new sales reps
  • Reduction in number of hours required for new sales rep ramp up time X Cost of new sales ramp up per hour
  • Reduction in stand alone costs spent on disparate point solutions in sales activities
  • Average net cost saved by replacing existing license with Aviso X Average unit price per user 
  • Total Annual Benefit - $ 3,138,711

(Note: the data highlighted is for sample purpose only)

The analysis shows that Aviso with its Conversational Intelligence solution will improve the company’s total annual revenue by an estimated $3.14 million or almost 3% through a combination of multiple benefits (either impacting through revenue improvement or through cost reduction). This is supplemented by a range of cutting-edge AI capabilities and its impact to a range of business segments which otherwise the company would not be able to leverage and realize.

How Our Customers Generated Value From Aviso CI - Case In Point

Companies like NetApp, Honeywell, Venafi and leading PE firms are just a few examples of companies who have chosen Avio’s CI solutions for their business & achieved the following benefits-

  • New customer objections clarified and resolved via keywords and smart transcripts feature
  • Increased manager visibility with insights for sales rep and sales team advancement
  • Increased activity mapping to discover where and when customers are best responding to sales outreach
  • Reduced spending on both Gong and other CRM point solutions to reinvest in business
  • AI-powered coaching of sellers for effective virtual selling during COVID transition

  • Significant increase in virtual customer encounters and pipeline activity 
  • Sentiment and intent-based conversational intelligence captured in workflow from calls, web meetings, emails
  • Estimated topline one-year benefit of $100M+ and CRM cost savings of $1M+ 
  • Key sales processes integrated onto a single sales AI platform with “Single pane of glass” solution providing real-time business insight to every key user
  •  97% + forecast accuracy