Meet MIKI - Machine Intelligent Knowledge Interface

The World’s First AI Chief of Staff for Revenue Intelligence

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What Our Early Users Have to Say

Charles Forsgard

Charles Forsgard

VP, Global Sales, Honeywell

“Finally someone figured out how to build generative AI that serves both the Reps and Managers. They are one of the few companies that understand that if you can just give meaningful insights back to a seller, the seller will put more high quality input into CRM"
Carson Hostetter

Carson Hostetter

CRO, RingCentral

"We look at Aviso MIKI as a real opportunity to drive revenue execution through deep inspections, proactive nudges, conversational and activity intelligence, and to tell us what’s going on and help us make our sales teams better"
Ted Noble

Ted Noble

SVP - GTM Strategy & Ops, New Relic

"Makes it simpler to ask questions of your data, not having to query things, not having to build queries, having that automated for us would cut down a lot of time.”

Ask MIKI Anything

  • Leaders

    Uncover revenue opportunities and make informed & data-driven decisions with MIKI
  • Managers

    Streamline your revenue operations and optimize sales strategies with MIKI
  • Sellers

    Enhance your productivity and automate non-selling tasks with MIKI

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How MIKI Works

MIKI is built on home-grown Gen AI models with robust underlying models to support. Unlike ChatGPT-based tools, learn how MIKI keeps your data safe.

Ready, Set, Go with MIKI

Action-Packed Weekly Digest

Start your week with a video briefing from your personal AI Chief of Staff, MIKI, that gives a quick overview of sales, pinpoints deals at risk, monitors pipeline health, and provides AI-powered recommended actions to drive sales outcomes.

Work Smart & Achieve More

Aviso Knowledge Base

Analyze Deals Intelligently

Get answers to all your deal and forecast- questions by asking MIKI in natural language. MIKI navigates through Aviso’s knowledge base and public data sources to give you actionable insights to help revenue teams increase their deal win rate.

Earnings Call Analysis

Research Accounts Strategically

Ace your prospect research with insights from Earnings Call Analysis done by MIKI. Identify your account’s strategic direction and be ahead of your competitors. Adjust your sales strategy accordingly and tailor a perfect sales pitch that addresses their pain points. Build credibility and productive relationships with buyers.

Automated Workflows

Update Deals & Forecast Quickly

Get rid of administrative tasks from your schedule. MIKI’s got your back. Need to update a deal? Or roll up your forecast? Just ask MIKI and see it done. You can now focus on selling and work on driving more revenue for your business.

Why You Should Choose MIKI?

ChatGPT-based tools

  • Generic Responses
  • Confidentiality breaches
  • Data Blackboxes

Aviso's MIKI

  • Get contextual answers
  • Secure customer data
  • Integrated workflows

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