WED JUN 14 2023

Announcing Aviso’s AI-Powered Earnings Call Analysis

by Bithika Bishesh

Aviso leverages natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI to distill the vast intelligence of an earnings call into digestible, actionable insights for sales reps. 

We tested our innovative technology by analyzing the recent webcast Q1 FY 2023 earnings calls from three industry giants - Schlumberger, Blackstone, and Bank of America.

Our objective was to gauge the sentiment of industry leaders in response to the current macroeconomic conditions, discover hidden trends within the calls, and generate an understanding of how these business titans are adapting to the rapidly evolving corporate landscape.

The result? Insights that go beyond what you'd gather from merely tuning into the earnings call. Insights that could shift the way you do business. 

Want to see the in-depth analysis reports? Here are the links:

Bank Of America Blackstone Schlumberger

Unveiling Hidden Trends: What are the headlines not telling you

In the turbulent landscape of today's markets, volatility is the name of the game. 

Industry giants like Blackstone, Schlumberger, and Bank of America openly discuss potential threats like inflation and recession. Yet, our AI-powered analysis reveals a surprising trend — despite the turbulence, these leaders radiate unwavering optimism. 

“Despite the stormy macroeconomic environment, these industry leaders harbor a strong positivity about their respective companies' futures.”

They're adapting, strategizing, and confident about the future, a hopeful sign amidst all the volatility. The enduring optimism these industry titans display highlights their adaptability and strategic prowess in navigating the rapidly changing business landscape. 

The question, then, is this: how are these leaders navigating the ever-evolving business landscape? We will attempt to unravel this mystery as we delve further into our analysis.

Are industry leaders fretting about the current macroeconomic situation?

How Business Leaders Are Adapting To The Winds Of Change

The rapidly changing business landscape necessitates evolution, adaptation, and innovation. Aviso’s analysis reveals how our three industry leaders - Schlumberger, Blackstone, and Bank of America - are doing just that.

It's noteworthy that these strategic approaches remained consistent across all three corporations.

  1. Embracing Digital Innovation: These companies are thriving in the current tech era, utilizing advanced tools like Generative AI to enhance productivity and revitalize their services.
  2. Prioritizing Customer Experience: They have made a firm commitment to customer experience, investing substantially to meet and exceed customer expectations, thereby strengthening their competitive position.
  3. Adopting ESG Factors: In response to the urgent need for sustainable practices, these companies are incorporating ESG factors into their operations, with Schlumberger making concerted efforts to lower emissions.
  4. Managing Economic Volatility: Amidst the uncertainties of the economic landscape, these companies are focused on effective risk management, highlighting their preparedness to navigate potential market challenges.

How Aviso Analyzes Earnings Calls

Generative AI reshapes sales strategies, even optimizing sales calls. By leveraging AI, sales calls are transformed, predicting outcomes and crafting effective communication. 

Aviso's AI-powered technique is transforming the way sales strategies are developed, incorporating three innovative approaches: Keyword Trend Analysis, Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis, and Generative AI.

Aviso’s aspect-based sentiment analysis for analyzing earnings call

  • Keyword Trend Analysis highlights trending topics in earnings calls, equipping sales representatives with the most relevant information for their pitches. It monitors topic shifts and identifies the speakers associated with each topic, offering critical insights into the company's possible strategic changes.
  • Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis, on the other hand, delves into the emotional undertones associated with different business aspects. It tracks positive and negative sentiment changes over time, helping reps modify their strategies as per stakeholder perceptions and external market conditions.
  • Generative AI significantly cuts down on the time sales reps spend reading through lengthy call transcripts. By quickly synthesizing these calls into succinct summaries, it provides immediate access to crucial takeaways, letting the sales reps focus more on execution rather than data gathering.

How Sales Reps Benefit from Aviso’s Earnings Call Analysis

Analyzing company earnings calls can benefit sales reps significantly before they start their workday. Here's how it can help:

Benefits of earnings call analysis for sales reps

  1. Identify Early Indicators of Market Trends: Aviso's earnings call analysis tracks trend alterations, serving as an early signal of company strategy shifts, market trends, and influential industry factors.
  2. Identify Pain Points and Priorities: Earnings calls often include discussions about the company's challenges, goals, and strategic initiatives. This knowledge enables reps to position their product as a solution that directly addresses the prospect's most pressing concerns, increasing the relevance and value of their offering.
  3. Identify Top Opportunities: Aviso's AI analysis targets specific keywords and sentiments, pinpointing positive aspects for growth potential and assisting in strategic planning.
  4. Get Company Performance Insights: Aviso's deep-dive analysis into financial health and operational performance offers insights that inform decision-making and clarify a company's strengths, weaknesses, and growth prospects.
  5. Adjust Sales Strategy: Insights from earnings calls refine sales strategies. Understanding companies' strategic direction, market positioning, and response to macroeconomic changes enable more effective sales alignment.
  6. Understand the Competitive Landscape: Earnings call analysis provides a thorough view of the competitive field. Comprehending industry leaders' adaptation to changes and strategies aids in drawing parallels to your own situation.
  7. Build Rapport and Credibility: When sales reps demonstrate their familiarity with the prospect's financials, pain points, and market trends during sales calls, they establish credibility and build rapport with the prospect. It shows that the rep is genuinely interested in understanding the prospect's business and offers a solution tailored to their needs. 


By using Aviso’s cutting-edge earnings call analysis and transcription, sales reps can work smarter, not harder, and achieve greater success in their sales efforts. Reps become extra smart through a researched point of view of their prospective companies. By offering proper training and support, companies can empower their sales teams to take advantage of these powerful tools, leading to increased productivity, higher sales figures, and more satisfied customers.

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"This blog post was co-authored by Vinayak Moitra"