WED MAY 10 2023

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI in B2B Sales

by Bithika Bishesh

The world of B2B sales is evolving rapidly, and one of the most significant trends shaping its future is the use of Generative AI technologies like GPT-4

In this blog post, we'll explore the role of generative AI in B2B sales and how it is changing the way we communicate, create content, and develop talent.

Standing Out in an AI-Generated World

The growing influence of AI and generative models, such as GPT-4, is reshaping the business landscape, with significant implications for workforce development. B2B sales, in particular, is experiencing an AI-driven transformation that requires new skills for sales professionals. 

As AI becomes more integrated into the B2B sales process, companies will need employees with the digital dexterity to adapt and thrive in this new landscape. To stand out in a sea of AI-generated noise, sales professionals will need to learn prompt writing, critical thinking for editing and tailoring AI-generated outputs, and adapt to an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Integrating Generative AI in B2B Sales

Integrating generative AI in B2B sales can be a game-changer, offering numerous benefits and opportunities for businesses and their employees. By embracing this technology and adapting to the evolving landscape, companies can harness the power of AI to drive growth, enhance communication, and create more engaging content.

GPT-4 is an example of generative AI, which uses foundation models or large language models to understand the relationship between billions of data points. By transforming a prompt based on the information available in the foundational model, generative AI can generate text that is astonishingly similar to, or sometimes even better than, what a human might produce.

How Generative AI Models Like GPT-4 Can Help Sales Users

Generative AI’s benefits in sales include enhancing customer engagement by creating persuasive messaging, addressing objections, and conducting research to address customer needs better. It also accelerates the sales process by assisting sales teams in daily tasks, such as email writing and creating customized content, allowing them to scale their efforts and meet buyer expectations.

Here are some of the immediate benefits of generative AI in the B2B sales environment:

  1. Sales Forecasting: Generative AI can analyze historical sales data and current market trends to predict future sales performance.
  2. Deal Management: Generative AI can analyze deal-related communications and extract insights on deal progress, potential obstacles, and opportunities and suggest actions to move deals forward in the sales pipeline.
  3. Pipeline Management: Generative AI can analyze a sales pipeline and recommend which opportunities to prioritize.
  4. Predictive Analytics: Generative AI-powered predictive analytics can identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, enabling sales teams to anticipate and address customer needs proactively.
  5. Sales Analytics: Generative AI can generate in-depth sales performance reports, providing actionable insights to improve strategies and tactics.
  6. Sales Coaching: Generative AI can analyze sales representatives' communication with prospects, identifying areas for improvement and providing personalized coaching tips.
  7. Personalized Conversations: Generative AI can tailor language, tone, and messaging to engage prospects and address their specific needs.
  8. Lead Qualification: Generative AI can identify high-conversion potential customers, streamlining sales efforts and saving time.
  9. Sales Support: Generative AI can answer frequently asked questions, provide product information, and address prospect concerns.
  10. Sales Automation: Generative AI can automate repetitive tasks like lead follow-up, appointment scheduling, and proposal generation.

How Aviso Integrates Generative AI to Enhance B2B Sales

Aviso is on a mission to supercharge the efficiency of sales reps, managers, and sales ops by merging the power of GPT's generative AI capabilities with its own robust and accurate core models. Here’s how we do it:

1. Rep Guidance: 

Aviso's AI analyzes its vast knowledge base to provide sales reps with accurate, up-to-date information during meetings. This real-time coaching allows reps to confidently address objections and technical queries with ease.

2. Sales Automation: 

Aviso frees up sales reps' time for high-value activities by automating repetitive tasks like follow-ups and proposal generation. Aviso’s email assistant, for instance, leverages conversational intelligence to offer tailored email suggestions, helping reps tackle sales objections with precision. 

3. Personalized Emails: 

Aviso's core models, such as ChatGPT, capture the context for crafting email responses. To make sure it's always on point, Aviso has crafted carefully designed frameworks tailored to the different stages of a deal's journey. Our AI frameworks whip up spot-on customizable email suggestions to fit the buyer's seniority, emotions identified during calls, and aspects driving sentiment. 

Aviso’s Email Assistant

4. Sales Analytics: 

Aviso's Chief of Staff Assistant, a ChatGPT-powered model, answers any sales-related query by fetching relevant data from various sources. This AI assistant integrates with CRM systems, Google Sheets, Google Slides, marketing data, news data, and company databases, streamlining prospecting and data-driven decision-making.

Aviso’s Chief of Staff Assistant

Queries With Aviso Assistant


Several companies have announced plans to integrate GPT capabilities into their products, as they already use generative AI in real-life business environments. Although it's still early days for the technology, adoption is growing rapidly. Sellers are already using GPT for tasks like content creation and drafting persuasive messages. 

As the technology continues to advance, we expect it to play an even more significant role in the B2B sales process. Embracing these innovations will be essential for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition and achieve sustained growth.

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