FRI NOV 04 2022

Reinventing Sales Through An Objective AI Lens

by Bithika Bishesh

In the fast-changing business, economic and political environment, organizations are increasingly required to grow their business and also share their objective opinions on public issues. And to achieve both these, progressive companies are using advanced technology! 

Aviso X-Labs uses advanced AI analysis and data science methodologies to present deeper views on important public and business issues of our time. Under this initiative, we have recently come up with a new analysis of the landmark Roe vs. Wade case.

We applied next-gen advanced AI analysis, including emotion, keywords, themes, gesture, sentiment, subtext analysis, and more to reveal the subtext of how the justices really felt.

Watch the video here -

Our analysis shows how AI-powered conversational intelligence can transform the way we understand what's really being said and apply the same technology to learn how sellers and customers interact.

AI Can Uncover Deeper Insights We Often Miss

We are in the middle of geopolitical uncertainty, high inflation, and weak consumer demand leading to inconsistency in sales. 

The power of meaningful conversations has increased more than ever in this new business environment. 

But whether it’s judges, businesses, or reps making sales calls, how do we really know the subtext of what’s being said? And an important dimension of subtext analysis is deception. Even the most sophisticated market research can't always tell when people lie.

So is there a way to discover deception or what’s not being said?

Yes! If you use artificial intelligence to decode hidden emotions, analyze gestures or read body language!

AI-powered conversational intelligence (CI) can drive better outcomes across complex, multi-stakeholder deals and touchpoints. It leverages cutting-edge machine learning, NLP, automated sentiment recognition, and activity transcription technologies to provide a highly articulate and real-time understanding of the impact of the conversations. 

AI is the answer to some of the biggest problems in business today. 

Aviso’s Multi-Dimensional Approach To AI-Powered CI

At Aviso, we have been singularly focused on applying cutting-edge AI principles and techniques to understand the content of a conversation better while making sales calls. 

However, it is impossible to learn about someone's true intentions without observing multiple cues and behaviors in addition to what’s being actually said in the call. Aviso’s conversational intelligence employs a multi-dimensional approach to analyzing the subtext of a conversation. We analyze different aspects of communication, such as facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice along with text and audio.

Aviso’s AI ingests every conversation and aggregates various inputs from multiple dimensions, such as emotion analysis, keyword analysis, and response complex analysis!

Emotion Analysis: Aviso’s state-of-the-art models provide advanced intelligence into multiple emotional states beyond simplistic “good or bad,” including happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust. NLP reveals hidden cues and provides insights into what is causing a particular emotion during a conversation. 

Aviso looks at the spectrum of emotions to identify deception — a display of mixed emotions clearly shows deception!

To analyze the nonverbal cues during a conversation, such as facial expressions and gestures, Aviso leverages the findings of Mehrabian's research. Once the movements are captured, computer-vision technology and deep learning algorithms can understand the underlying intent.

Keyword Analysis: Aviso’s ML models extract the most relevant words — keywords, themes, objections, opportunities, competitor mentions, etc. in real-time and automatically detect, highlight, and track them. 

Watch our video to find out how Aviso caught deception when justices tried to dissemble their emotions and spoke generic words!

Response Complexity Analysis: Aviso leverages the Pinocchio effect (that looks at deception and facial processing) to analyze key linguistic differences. For instance, liars use complex sentences, and they use a higher percentage of third-person pronouns, numbers, and profanity. Aviso looks at various linguistic styles, such as tone, authenticity, confidence, sentence length, etc., to see how people respond to questions.


To avoid inconsistency in sales, sales reps need to effectively communicate with their customers using not just high-quality content but also a pre-notional understanding of what the customer wants and when.

With Aviso’s conversational intelligence at the heart of driving sales teams' activities, the sales reps can get guided analysis of their buyers’ purchase intent in real-time while making sales calls. This enhances the reps’ sales pitch to address buyers’ said and unsaid concerns and close deals faster.

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