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Aviso AI X-Labs focuses on advancing the field of AI, demonstrating the effectiveness of AI in understanding of current affairs, and applying it towards the common good and for business.

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Depp vs Heard: An AI Analysis

Aviso’s data research team uses a proprietary combination of Emotion Analysis, Sentiment Detection, Non-verbal Communication Analysis, and the Pinocchio Effect to reveal the truth in this historic courtroom proceeding. Prepare for the drama you saw. And the deception you didn’t.

Roe v. Wade: Insights from an AI perspective

When SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, they changed history. But how did it happen? Who said what? What did they really mean? Aviso AI X-Labs hands you an AI lens and takes you right into the conversation. Get ready for some unexpected insights!

Unparalleled Analysis Of Five Human Communication Levers

Emotion Analysis

Tone inflection, pitch changes, and continuous valence tracking to spot complex emotions

Sentiment Analysis

Analysis of different aspects of conversation data points to spotlight speaker sentiment

Gesture Analysis

Insights into over 30+ facial signals and correlation with context to interpret true speaker intent

Mehrabian Rule and Pinocchio Effect

Text, voice, and video analysis of body language, words, and tonality to identify deception/ emotional states from non-verbal communication

Keyword and Theme insights

Extraction and analysis of main topics of discussion and emotion and sentiment trends associated with each keyword

How Aviso’s Conversational Analytics Works

The power to analyze both verbal and non-verbal signals using proprietary AI and ML models to uncover true intent.
  • Bi-direction Encoder Representations (BERT)

  • Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)

  • BM25 Relevance Algorithms

  • 3-D Convolutional Neural Networks, Wav2Sec and Fusion Models

  • Bi-directional Auto-Regressive Transformers

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