MON JAN 29 2024

Unlocking The Secrets Of Sales Success: A Data-Driven Journey with Aviso AI

by Bithika Bishesh

Welcome to the world of data-driven sales, where every word counts, and every interaction can make or break a deal. 

At Aviso AI, our Conversation Intelligence platform has been busy analyzing sales calls from the year 2023, and what we've discovered is nothing short of fascinating. For B2B sales professionals like you, these insights are not just numbers and phrases; they are the keys to unlocking greater success. 

Let's dive into the five intriguing insights and explore how they can revolutionize your sales strategy.

Insight 1: The Power Trio — Value, Productivity, Compliance

Our analysis revealed that "Value," "Productivity," and "Compliance" were the top three keywords in meetings that progressed to the next stage. What does this tell us? When these terms are effectively communicated, they resonate deeply with clients, addressing their primary concerns and aspirations. To harness this power, focus on articulating how your product or service adds value, enhances productivity, and ensures compliance. These aren't just buzzwords; they're the pillars of successful sales narratives.

Insight 2: Red Flags — Budget, Dislike, Late

Conversely, "Budget," "Dislike," and "Late" topped the list in meetings that didn’t advance. These words often flag potential deal-breakers. They reflect concerns about costs, dissatisfaction, or delays. As sales professionals, it's crucial to be proactive in addressing these issues. Offer clear, transparent information about costs, be receptive to feedback, and emphasize the timeliness of your solutions. Remember, addressing these concerns early can prevent them from becoming deal-breakers.

Insight 3: The Sentiment Success Factor — Support

An astounding 78% of meetings that moved forward showed positive sentiment around the term “Support.” 

This highlights the importance of empathy and assurance in sales conversations. Clients want to feel supported, not just during the sales process but in the post-sale journey, too. Emphasize your commitment to customer support and showcase real examples of how you've assisted others. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about selling an experience of reliability and support.

Insight 4: The Privacy Concern — A Cautionary Tale

Our data shows that 25% of objections were linked to negative sentiment around “Privacy.” 

In today’s digital age, privacy is a paramount concern. Addressing these concerns isn't just damage control; it's an opportunity to differentiate yourself. Highlight your product’s privacy features, compliance with regulations, and your commitment to safeguarding client data. Turn this potential objection into a testament to your product’s integrity.

Insight 5: Meeting the Market — ICP, AI, Coaching

Lastly, “ICP” (Ideal Customer Profile), “AI” (Artificial Intelligence), and “Coaching” were most frequently used in meetings with Sales Development and Marketing personas. This reflects a growing trend towards personalized, AI-driven sales strategies and the importance of continuous learning and coaching in sales. To resonate with these savvy personas, tailor your approach using AI insights and emphasize continuous improvement through coaching and training.


The art of sales is evolving, and at Aviso AI, we’re committed to equipping you with the insights you need to stay ahead. 

Aviso CI unlocks insights that empower reps to turn every sales interaction into unique buyer insights that accelerates deals. These findings aren’t just data points; they’re a narrative of what works in today’s dynamic B2B sales landscape. By understanding and applying these insights, you can craft more effective, resonant, and successful sales strategies. 

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