Your Data Is In The Safest Of Hands

Aviso works with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee protection for your personally identifiable and enterprise data. Let us worry about keeping your data private, while you focus on selling.
Your Data Is In The Safest Of Hands

Our Control Measures To Keep Your Data Private


Aviso’s use of Security Access Markup Language(SAML) ensures users can execute Single-Sign-On (SSO). This means you only need to log in on a single screen in order to use multiple applications.


Aviso uses a combination of several identification processes to guarantee secure access to your cloud. Aviso uses many pieces of evidence to confirm that the person involved is exactly who they say they are.

OAuth 2.0

Open Authorization (OAuth) allows Aviso to generate Access Tokens which client applications can generate to grant access. This means that you can control activities and access without sharing user credentials. Aviso uses only vendor-specific SSO APIs, safeguarding your email, calendar and CRM access.


Aviso protects your organization’s network limits from cybersecurity threats using a mixture of surveillance detection, pattern capture, and threat detection. It prevents risky traffic from landing on your data and even block suspicious IPs.


Data access, controls, and views are provided strictly on a per-need basis. Aviso allows customers to come up with a data retention timeline, while customer data is removed when contracts are ended.

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